Coffee Shop locations, How to chose hospitality Real Estate?

Opening your own restaurant or coffee shop has been one of the most profitable investments for many years if everything is organized correctly. The idea itself remains large-scale in all respects, and the process is by no means easy and very resource-intensive. Before starting to create a business plan, you need to come up with a concept for the establishment and determine the target audience. It will also be appropriate to create a menu, select the right location. If you expect to open a restaurant for the middle class, then you should evaluate the pricing policy and set prices that do not exceed prices in other restaurants. It is also important to choose an area where a restaurant is going to be.


It should be understood that it is more profitable to open good premium restaurants in the center, and cafés in residential areas. For your establishment to be very popular among customers, it is important to choose the right premises correctly and competently. It will determine 80% of your success. The atmosphere and comfort inside and the advantageous location should make people come to you again and again. It is these criteria that will determine whether guests will want to return to you in the future or not, whether they will leave positive reviews about the gastronomic experience they had and whether they will tell it all to their friends.


After that, it is important to carefully draw up all the documents. In order for your F&B establishment to function normally and without problems, you should sign many different documents, contracts, permits, and approvals. If you can still cope with the first one yourself, in the documentation phase you need the help of real specialists. Our team is ready to help you and take on not only all the paperwork but also assist with an entire project, concept creation, restaurant launch, and day-to-day operation.


Choosing and equipping a premise is not the most important thing. There are a number of requirements for it that should be borne in mind. The layout of the premises must necessarily include fire safety, and the premises must comply with standards. For example, the main entrance should be located from the street side and the entrance to the kitchen and storage rooms from the courtyard side. You cannot be guided by the advice of friends or acquaintances, but by legislation so that no problems arise in the future. If you comply with all these requirements, then the level of your net income will consistently keep you in good positions. Otherwise, you will have to pay a considerable fine, which always hits the pocket.


Make sure that all technical parameters of the premise are in good condition. A water supply, drainage, and electricity system must be connected to it. All communications must comply with legal regulations and sanitary and epidemiological stations. It is important to pay attention to the heating system, as it will take a lot of money from you during the cold season. It is necessary to order the services of a specialist in heating and ventilation systems to calculate the costs, and, if possible, conduct a heat audit of the premises.


We keep repeating that the most common mistake of beginners and even experienced restaurateurs is the choice of an inappropriate premise for the implementation of the conceived gastronomic idea. A simple example, when an elementary calculation of the expected average check and possibly sales turnover per month was not made, but a decision is made to rent a restaurant in the city center with a fairly large rental rate. As a result, the restaurant concept fails to generate enough revenue to cover all of its monthly fixed costs.


Many also do not know how much time they need to prepare for the opening of a restaurant, as a result, the terms are delayed by 3 – 6 months, and the rental rate must be paid, regardless of whether the establishment is open or not. An important point is the discussion of the dates for the vacation, during which repairs are carried out and its refund by providing free months of rent. All the subtleties and details of the selection of premises can be obtained from our commercial real estate specialists at Proriat Hospitality Real Estate.


The next important aspect is recruiting staff. We are also ready to help you with the search and selection of qualified personnel, real professionals. If this is the first time you come across such a procedure, then this stage turns into the most difficult. Depending on the size of the café, you need to find the optimal number of staff. First, you need to find a chef and kitchen workers. The work will require administrators, bartenders, and waiters. It is best to immediately pay attention to personal qualities and appearance, and only then to work experience. Resourcefulness, restraint, and sociability will definitely come in handy for your staff.


After that, it is important to establish good relationships with food suppliers. It is very important to find a quality supplier because it is the product that will define you as a top-class establishment. They should always be fresh and of high quality. You should not conclude an agreement with the very first suppliers, it is better to take a closer look, study their prices, and choose the most advantageous offer for yourself. Immediately after you have decided, carefully monitor the expiration dates of the products, as sometimes you may be given spoiled goods.


Before opening your establishment, it is better to study the business plan again and correct it, since the place will already be chosen. It is best to prescribe the following points:

  • Enter the rental price;
  • Write down the cost of utilities;
  • Prescribe the number of seats;
  • Examine traffic.
  • Calculate the cost of repairs;
  • Determine the target audience;
  • Calculate the average check and the required monthly turnover to cover basic expenses;
  • Analyze location and competition in detail.

This will help you assess the situation soberly and not rush to make a choice. Our team has been working for many years to ensure that catering establishments meet all standards and please not only guests but also fully meet all the investor’s expectations. Proriat Hospitality Partners is ready to carry out a project of any complexity, from searching and selecting premises anywhere in Ukraine to developing a concept, creating an interior design, coordinating renovation work, building a team, recruiting personnel, opening and ensuring smooth management of a restaurant with a strongly developed business strategy.

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