Rental Business for Sale in Kyiv. Investment in Ukrainian Real Estate

Rental Business for Sale in Kyiv. Investment in Ukrainian Real Estate

Area: 300 m2
Ceiling height: 3,15 m
Business info Operating restaurant
Ready-made business: Yes
Infrastructure: Bessarabskaya square
Commission Agency
$2.100.000 2.100.000 82.530.000
For Sale
Property ID: KY113

Rental Business for Sale in Kyiv. Investment in Ukrainian Real Estate

Would you like to buy a rental business in Ukraine? A popular restaurant project on the Bessarabian square is offered for sale. Object area: 300 m2. A major overhaul was made according to a design project from the Balbek Bureau studio. At the moment, gastronomic establishments are successfully operating at the food market. This offer can be considered as a long-term investment in commercial real estate. The technical equipment of the room meets all the standards of the modern HACCP system. Installed modern video surveillance systems, fire safety, powerful and economical ventilation system. You can find out more details on all technical issues by writing to us.

Investments in the hotel and restaurant sector.

Now you don’t need to be an expert to open a restaurant, coffee shop or hotel. Thanks to our work, which is aimed at finding and implementing investment projects, you can become an equity owner of a gastronomic establishment. Moreover, you do not need to invest large sums, as we form a collective capital that allows you to become a co-founder of a large project. From our side, we provide all the necessary expert approach in the acquisition of potential assets and ensure their effective management. We invest our own resources to maximize motivation in obtaining a profitable result.

Rental business for Sale in Ukraine

Our team works hard to make you the first to know about an attractive investment project. You don’t need to spend your time looking for new commercial properties. All you need is to leave a request to buy or sell an asset. We’ll take care of the rest. We understand in the modern world that it is difficult to find people who can be trusted 100%. Therefore, Proriat values ​​your time! And he will make the maximum amount of effort to make you comfortable and at the same time profitable to work with us. Work for the result, and only for the result, makes us the most powerful and valuable resource that our client receives.

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