The best real estate agencies in Odessa. Brokers and realtors in Ukraine
Кращі агентства нерухомості Одеси

The best real estate agencies in Odessa. Brokers and realtors in Ukraine


Looking for investment opportunities in Odessa? Real estate is one of the best investment vehicles. Odessa real estate agencies help to realize the dreams of many families and investors. Experienced brokers and realtors will help you find the best locations for living and investing.


Top 7 real estate agencies in Odessa


We have made a small selection of Odessa real estate agencies to help you choose the best brokerage and real estate company in Odessa.


Агентство нерухомості в Одесі - «1Realty»

Real estate agency in Odessa – “1Realty”

First Realtor Company

The first real estate company began its work on the Odessa real estate market in autumn 2002. At the time of rebranding, our team of Gean agency had more than 10 years of experience in real estate. The company’s efforts are focused on providing the highest quality services based on many years of experience, modern technologies and high professionalism of employees.


Our company is constantly improving its business, focusing on the needs of the client and the changes that are taking place in the market and in society. We set ourselves the task of educating high-class specialists so that customers receive benefit and satisfaction from the deals made, and our company a worthy reputation and profit. “The first real estate company” Adheres to the principle: “Not by number, but by skill.” We are adherents of a client-oriented style of work, which makes it possible to constantly monitor the quality of work of our employees and customer requests.


Today the company is pursuing a policy of “joint activities”, whereby the client and the company become partners in agreements, and the obligations of the parties are reflected in contracts based on mutual benefit and respect for interests. During its existence, the “First Realtor Company” has mastered the specifics of work in all segments of the real estate market.


We are also actively working in the market of land plots for residential, commercial, industrial purposes, sale of objects in new buildings, industrial real estate. We continue to effectively serve customers in the secondary housing market. Our company confidently introduces advanced technologies, known for its innovative approach to business. customers who have used our services come back to us and recommend us to colleagues and friends.


We actively participate in the public life of the real estate community in Odessa and Ukraine. “First Realtor Company” is a member of the Association of Real Estate Specialists of Ukraine, the Odessa Guild of Realtors, the management and managers of the company are members of the Association of Realtors of Odessa and Odessa region. On our initiative, many important documents were developed and adopted, which increase the efficiency of real estate activities and protect the interests of clients.


If you are looking for an apartment or a house, a land plot for any purpose, a warehouse or production, you want to buy a shop, a restaurant, an office, you are going to invest or evaluate a property, please contact us. We are confident that our professionalism will help you achieve success in solving your tasks! Today the company’s activities cover:


  • sale of real estate and land plots;
  • identification of investment opportunities and preparation of investment proposals;
  • research of real estate markets (housing and commercial);
  • investment concept of projects;
  • preparation of documentation of any complexity;
  • expert evaluation of any assets.



Tel: (048) 738-85-59


АН Атланта Нерухомість Одеси

Atlanta Real Estate agency in Odessa

ATLANTA is a dynamically developing company with an amazing intellectual potential, a large client base, modern management technologies, and clear development plans and prospects. The company’s business processes meet the standards of professional and quality service of the European level.


We strive to satisfy the needs of our customers to the maximum, not only by increasing the efficiency of our existing business areas, but also by developing new ones that correspond to the constantly evolving range of business activity of the service market as a whole.


  • Responsibility

We keep what we promise and we are honest with our clients, because it is their trust that is our most valuable achievement.


  • Innovation

We offer the most modern technologies and provide services that meet international standards.


  • Efficiency

We work in such a way that the return from our activities is maximum.


  • Transparency

We work openly and honestly, providing our clients with complete and reliable information.

  • Professionalism

We are competent specialists responsible for our clients, partners and our colleagues.

  • Cooperation

We are a team of like-minded people who work for our clients, adhering to a high level of business ethics and effective interaction.



Tel: +38 (093) 170 82 01



Агентство нерухомості Dominanta

Real estate agency Dominanta

The Dominanta real estate agency has been operating on the Odessa market for twelve years.


New buildings without commission

Dominanta is the official partner of the best new buildings in the city of Odessa. Buy with us and pay no commission. Selling and buying real estate from AN Dominant is a quick and easy way to make a deal. The realtor of the agency will do all the work for you and accompanies you at every stage, up to the final one. This is the only way to get a satisfied customer.



Tel: +38 (048) 700 66 44


Агентство нерухомості Пріоритет

Real estate agency Priority

Priority Estate Business is a young agency with a fresh outlook on working with real estate. On November 22, 2018, Prioritet took its first steps, and already now it occupies a strong position in the field of real estate sales.


Our agency is trusted by all construction companies in Odessa, thanks to which we have concluded cooperation agreements with each developer working on the territory of our city.


An extensive open database of secondary housing and newly built residential complexes, a detailed description of projects under construction – all this allows us to provide an individual approach and take into account all the key factors that matter to our clients, both in the process of buying and selling living space.


The priority of our company is the comfort and safety of our customers. We will provide support at each stage of the transaction: the choice of an apartment or the placement of information about the area for sale, the formation of a pricing policy and negotiations, we will provide legal support for each aspect, and we will speed up the paperwork process as much as possible, we will take into account all, even the smallest, nuances of selling or buying an apartment.


Such fast and high-quality work of the Priority real estate agency is largely possible thanks to a well-chosen and well-formed staff of specialists. Only the best work in our agency. All employees have solid experience in the sale of residential and non-residential premises, and in their work they rely on perfect knowledge of all situations that may arise in the process of buying and selling any type of housing.


“Prioritet” always cares about the time of its customers. Therefore, the website of the agency “Prioritet” is formed in such a way that you can get all the information on any object in the shortest possible time. A user-friendly interface, a detailed description of each apartment, bright informative photos will allow you to easily find a buyer for your apartment or choose options for purchasing, taking into account all your desires.


“Priority” is an individual approach, experience of professionals, safety, speed and quality!



Tel: +38 (050) 440-62-09


Агентство нерухомості Crystal Estate

Real estate agency Crystal Estate


Crystal Estate is transparent real estate transactions. Our clients are aware of both the advantages and disadvantages of the facility. They are warned about possible risks and see the full picture of what is happening.


Since 2015, our team has completed more than 300+ transactions and helped clients make the process of buying or selling easier and more comfortable. We deprive the “headache” and save time, love our work and gladly take care of all the worries and concerns while customers are doing their usual things.


Buying a property is an important step in life. We understand all the fears and doubts, so behind each client there is a team of realtors, marketers, lawyers, notaries and administrative staff. The process of buying or selling will be safe from the moment the need is determined in the final settlement.


We do not bother with unnecessary calls and information, because we value the most precious time. We do not impose a solution, but let us compare all the options and choose the best one.

The cost of the company’s services includes:

  • Selection of housing clearly according to your criteria. No compromises – we will definitely find you the home you dreamed of.
  • Checking documents and contractors. We will warn you if difficulties or risks arise and help you cope with them.
  • Legal support. We take care of all the collection and execution of documents. The absence of bureaucratic tasks will save you time and nerves.



Tel: +380487886707



Агентство нерухомості Президент

Real estate agency President


Real Estate Agency President was founded on November 7, 2002 and is one of the oldest agencies in the city. 11 branches located in all districts cover the whole of Odessa and the nearest suburbs with their activities.


The work of our company has been repeatedly marked by awards and prizes, confirming the high level of professionalism of our realtors. Thus, in 2003 the European Business Association (Great Britain) marked our agency with the Diploma “European Quality Mark”. In November 2007, we received the Diploma of the International Association of Realtors (FIABCI) “For a significant contribution to the development of the Ukrainian real estate market.” In February 2008, another award – the Guarantor of Trust Diploma according to the Business Environment rating.


Our agency actively participates in social activities of the real estate market, is a member of the Association of Real Estate Specialists of Ukraine, a member of the Odessa City Association of Realtors. Since 2019, we have been actively involved in the promotion and implementation of the European standard EN 15733 “Real estate agent services” in the Odessa real estate market. Real estate agencies in 33 European countries work according to these standards.


The safety of the client, the maximum transparency of relations with him are the main priorities of our work, which we have been implementing from the first day of our activity. Today, along with other members of ASNU, we are trying to bring these high standards of work to the masses so that the real estate market in our country and city becomes more orderly and friendly for every seller and buyer.



Tel: +38 (098) 071 57 03



Victory Gold агентство нерухомості

Victory Gold real estate agency


  • buying a property
  • Property For Sale
  • property insurance
  • Apartments for rent

Tired of searching for the sale or purchase of an apartment, do you urgently need to rent or rent an apartment? You to us! Real estate agency “Victory Gold” (“Victory Gold”) is the speed and mobility in the real estate market. If you keep up with the times, then you will understand us perfectly.


Agency «Victory Gold» offers:


  • Sale and purchase of real estate
  • Search for profitable investment objects
  • Selection of objects (apartments, houses, cottages)
  • Property management
  • Qualified real estate advice
  • Rent and delivery of objects

“Victory Gold” – we create new values!



Tel: +38 (093) 771 21-91


How to choose a real estate agency in Odessa?


As we described earlier, to choose a real estate agency in Odessa, you first need to find out in which particular segment the company operates. This is easy to do, you just need to familiarize yourself with the advertising of the brokerage agency. It will also be appropriate to call and ask about all the basic services of real estate agents working there.


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