Ukraine Franchise Drunk Cherry. Franchising in Europe

– what is a franchise

– history of the idea of P’yan Vishnya

– search and selection of commercial premises

– concept development

– management

– business scaling

– services

Franchise brand

          You can see how the popularity of Drunk Cherry’s franchise is growing out of the number of implemented projects, says Andriy Khuda, one of the founders of the Emotion! FEST Holding. Many seek to open their own bar. New establishments continue to open non-stop in regional centers, Kharkiv, Chernihiv, Kyiv, and other cities.
Of course, a novice entrepreneur or an experienced restaurateur who wants to open a restaurant or bar wants to know what is the secret of success behind the brand? Should you invest in buying a franchise?

Perhaps it would be better to create an alternative brand to become a franchisor in the future? What net profit should you expect? How to choose a location in your city or on what conditions will you agree with the landlord? Who to team up with to work together? Whom to attract in the form of a management company, in cases when you need to simultaneously engage in your key business?


What is a franchise?

      A ready-made business solution and one of the best ways to develop your brand by attracting franchisee partners. This franchise system (franchise) is actively working in Ukraine, helping novice entrepreneurs to explore a new type of activity and minimize risks by buying a proven concept

          Proriat Hospitality Partners together with Proriat Real Estate have prepared a short overview of the P’yanaya Vishnya brand. Current commercial premises available for rent or sale can be viewed on To receive off-market offers (commercial properties are not listed on the web page), contact us in a way convenient for you, and our managers will provide suitable options or help in finding the required premises.

            – There are always a lot of questions at the initial stage, but having received detailed answers to them and collecting the necessary information, you can protect yourself from an irrational decision, thereby minimizing risks.

          You need to understand that the opening of a new establishment, by itself, cannot guarantee the expected profit. The successful operation of the company consists of many factors and detailed calculations, which begin long before the opening of the restaurant.

          The history of Drunk Cherry tincture originates in Lviv. The idea was brought from Portugal by Andrey Khudo, who is a co-founder of the managing company holding! FEST (the full name !FEST Holding of Emotions). From the words of Andrey, during the trip, his friend invited him to one of the popular places in Portugal” Jenya “in which, except for cherry liquor, nothing else was served. Nevertheless, there was always a long queue in front of the doors of the institution. The great excitement and the number of guests were remembered to Andrey and upon his return to Lviv, a decision was made to implement the first similar format in the city of Lev. Success didn’t keep him waiting long. Now the bar is one of the top places in the city, which every tourist visits in Lviv.

            A great advantage of this format of the establishment is the lack of an assortment of food and drinks, which could complicate operational management. Thus, there is no need for experienced staff. The liquor can be stored for a long time and at the same time acquire a more intense and pronounced taste of cherries. The minimum percentage or no write-offs at all, as is the case in restaurants working with food.
A margin of up to 400% is allowing to cover the entire expenditure part without difficulty. An important point is the control and quality of the service provided. We need to remember about marketing and a reasonable allocation of financial resources for the development of new public catering outlets, says Kyryll Ushakov – founder of Proriat Hospitality Partners, a company that specializes in opening and operating restaurants.

            – Why does the location of an establishment play an important and often key role? Which room would be ideal for P’yana Cherry, and in which is better to open a different concept?

          At the stage of opening a restaurant, you are faced with a search for commercial real estate. When buying a franchise, you send the found premise for audit to the franchisor, who can approve it or not. Although this point is very controversial, since the franchise owner is interested in selling the right to his TM, so how the decision will be made and in the interests of which side is not hard to guess. Remember that the rule of the market operates here. We recommend bringing a specialist who will defend your interest since you will be in charge of the management yourself. The franchise company will not formally guarantee your expected profit. Moreover, you will be required to comply with all brand standards, otherwise, the right to use TM may be revoked.

            – Commercial real estate. Market research. Object views. Negotiations on the term and cost of the rent. Budgeting and much more will need to be dealt with at the first stage.

            Surely at the beginning of the search for premises with the first with whom you will come across are real estate agencies, which mainly represent the interests of landlords or even vice versa, realtors do not have sufficient experience in the selection of catering facilities. The main mistake of real estate agents are not understanding all the technical requirements for restaurant-type premises. Although now there are many resources where they are sure to take the words: red line, high traffic, lack of competition, a very popular place, super location for a coffee shop or restaurant, etc. But in order to assess the perspective of the location, you need to conduct a detailed analysis of the location. There are a clear checklist and calculation formulas that we use at Proriat Real Estate to gather all the information we need to minimize risks and assess the investment prospects in conjunction with the planned restaurant or bar format. For more information or the possibility of assisting you in finding and selecting premises for opening a restaurant, feel free to reach out to our managers. You can view current objects, rent/sale by following the link …

      – Think bigger …

            As an experienced entrepreneur, you may want to create your own trademark so that you can sell tinctures under your own brand, be royalty-free, and be independent in your decisions. Make a different interior design and start offering a larger assortment of infusions: honey, currant, raspberry, etc. Form your franchise offer and start developing a network of establishments through attracting partners. Not an easy task, but doable. If you think big and do not want to dwell on one unit, then you should think about your project from the perspective. Idea, product, price, place, promotion…

          Our team at Proriat is ready to tackle challenging tasks, search and generate ideas to create profitable solutions that provide stable profit up to 20% ROI (return on investment).

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