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Opening a high-end restaurant, a small coffee shop, a family pizzeria or a youth burger café starts with the finding the right premises for the future project. You might have got a great idea you want to implement, but be aware of important things we do keep repeat about, all the well-known and main factor in the success of restaurant business – Location, Location, Location.
Over the past 10 years we have been working in the restaurant industry in Ukrainian and foreign markets, helping to startup new f&b venues and providing hospitality solutions to optimize and meet business needs of existing projects.
Our experience helps us to see the strengths and weaknesses sides of a premise, which even an experienced restaurateur might not notice at first.
Working with us, you will have confidence in the taking of the right decision, having an understanding of the risks and reliability in the conclusion of the transaction. We will become a partner in the opening of a new restaurant, develop a concept, create an interior design, provide recruitment services, build a results-oriented team, and ensure efficient and uninterrupted project management.
Our goal is to create profitable hospitality establishments with mutually beneficial relationships in which the restaurant generates the expected revenue to cover its expenses and make a healthy profit.

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