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Business development and guaranteed profitability!

Sale and lease of ready-made business, commercial real estate

Selling existing restaurants and hotels requires a special approach and understanding of this business. We specialize in hospitality real estate, as we know this segment and have been working in it for the last 12 years. Our concept of work helps the seller and the buyer to conclude a win-win deal. Thanks to our team of experts, you do not need to understate the price, we will ensure the all-round development of the enterprise, which will become liquid for the seller and profitable for the buyer. Now, you can entrust your commercial property to Proriat, which will provide a guaranteed and stable profitability of 10% per annum.

We invest in liquid assets and manage efficiently

Buy or rent a ready-made business, commercial real estate

An experienced entrepreneur understands the value of time. Therefore, we work for you so that you can focus on the important processes in your company. While our experts select the best assets for your investment portfolio. Working with us, you can be sure of the prospects of commercial real estate. We conduct an in-depth and detailed analysis of each object. And, if necessary, we are engaged in its development in order to increase its investment attractiveness. Our team will ensure the high occupancy of the hotel and the active attendance of the restaurant. The company's goal is effective management with 43% per annum.

Арендодатель Арендатор Партнеры
Арендодатель Арендатор Партнеры
Business growth. Implementation of ideas and new directions

Real Estate Development

We will not let your company start a stagnation or decline stage. Thus, we will direct all efforts to find solutions to increase competitiveness, liquidity and capitalization. Through a creative approach to working with commercial real estate, our team can create unique concepts that will generate income. Our company strives to work with builders and developers. It helps entrepreneurs to open a new business, and the owner of the premises, to find stable tenants. Proriat provides guarantees for the provision of its services. Therefore, we become your partners for many years. We ensure the development of your company and make it more successful.

We optimize costs and increase profits

Effective property and business management

Management is the main element in the success of any organization. Proriat is providing opening and managing solutions to restaurants and hotels. Commercial real estate development. Franchising. We have gained experience and become experts in these areas. Thus, we can guarantee both uninterrupted asset management and stable development of enterprises. Our program helps to optimize costs by 5% and increase gross profit up to 10%. If you started thinking about attracting a management company, then we will become a worthy partner for you and take your business to a new level.

Арендодатель Арендатор Партнеры

Join our team.

We believe that the key to the success of any organization is a team. Our people are our first customers that we care about. If you have experience or a desire to continue to develop your career in the real estate market, you are full of energy, stress-resistant, and love to communicate with people, then we will always have places in our team for talented real estate agents.     

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