Business for Sale | Turnkey Asian Restaurant in Kyiv. Realty In Ukraine

Business for Sale | Turnkey Asian Restaurant in Kyiv. Realty In Ukraine

Area: 63 m2
Property type: Turnkey business
Electricity: 25 kw
Infrastructure: Жилые дома
Operating Restaurant Yes
Profitability: Yes
$18.000 18.000 725.400
For Sale
Property ID: KY109

Business for Sale | Turnkey Asian Restaurant in Kyiv. Realty In Ukraine

An oriental (Asian) restaurant in Kiev is offered for sale. Have you been dreaming about your restaurant with a pleasant atmosphere and beautiful design for a long time? Then you found it! Ready-made business for sale – Japanese restaurant in Kyiv, Ukraine. One of the most demanded concepts in the world. Oriental cuisine has long won a place in the hearts of many lovers of gastronomic cuisine. The area of ​​the premises is 64 m2, but thanks to design solutions, there is enough space for a full-fledged restaurant. Of course, you should consider and focus on delivery. It is possible to equip a small terrace. A professionally equipped kitchen and well-run utilities will be able to serve their owner without interruption. The location of the object is in the Poznyaki area along the Dragomanov street. The cost of renting a room can be found by sending a request.

Sale of ready-made business in Kyiv

Are you thinking about opening your first restaurant or have you decided to develop your chain of establishments and start conquering the capital? Proriat is your partner. We will ensure the achievement of the desired result, both in the sale of a business and the acquisition of a profitable location with further management of the enterprise and guarantees of profitability. Do you want to sell your business or give it to management? We will be happy to assess the prospects for the development of your project in order to increase its profitability, increase sales and optimize operational activities. With us you will buy a profitable asset in which we will be ready to invest our intellectual and financial capital. For all additional questions – the sale of an Asian restaurant in Kiev, we are waiting for your applications.

We buy and rent operating restaurants

We regularly develop and increase the number of our team in order to be able to buy or rent existing restaurants and hotels with their further management. If you are thinking of transferring your restaurant to management, we will be slaves to discuss the possibility of making a new chapter in the history of your restaurant and making it one of the most popular places in the city.

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