Cafe for Sale in Kyiv. Sell Ready-Made Business in Ukraine

Cafe for Sale in Kyiv. Sell Ready-Made Business in Ukraine

Area: 505 m2
Property type: HoReCa, commercial estate
Ready Made Business Yes
Infrastructure: Golden Gate, Theater, University
Facade: Yes
Commission: Agency
$535.000 535.000 21.560.500
For Sale
Property ID: KY115

Cafe for Sale in Kyiv. Sell Ready-Made Business in Ukraine

In the center of Kiev, on Bogdana Khmelnitsky Street, 32, a Restaurant is offered for sale. The object is a well-renovated basement for a catering establishment. Total area 505 m2 of which 370 m2 of usable space. High ceilings and heavy traffic thanks to the nearby metro stations. Input voltage power 100 kW. For all additional questions, we ask you to send inquiries through the contact form or call right now. We can offer you other equally interesting projects in the category: Rent of a ready-made business, purchase of an existing restaurant, buy a hotel, rent an apart-hotel. We expect your feedback. Furthermore, we will select the best and most profitable turnkey location for you. For other offers of commercial real estate in the “Cafes for Sale in Kyiv” category, see our listings.

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With us, you can easily start selling your restaurant or hotel. But why is the complete restaurant equipment put up for sale? Most likely, the owner is not satisfied with the profitability of this asset. Is there a chance to rectify the situation. Yes! We invest in potential projects to optimize business processes and improve sales dynamics, open new restaurants and hotels. If your enterprise for some reason began to bring lower profitability, then we can fix it and fill the restaurant or hotel with new life. After a preliminary study of your institution, we will be able to present a detailed development plan, stages and terms of implementation. Therefore, if you are reading this information, and you need help to get a restaurant or hotel up and running, call or write to us by mail and messengers. Let’s discuss what we can do and what value we bring to your business.

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