Lease Pubs, Bars and Nightclubs for sale Ukraine, Hospitality premises

Lease Pubs, Bars and Nightclubs for sale Ukraine, Hospitality premises

Area: 190m2
Property Type: Bar, Restaurant
Infrastructure: City center, Hotel
Commission: No commission
Open to collaboration: Agencies & Realtors
$5.100 5.100 205.530
For Rent
Property ID: KY101

Lobby Bar in Hotel 5* for Rent, HoReCa Premises in Kyiv.

Hospitality Properties for Sale.

Lobby Bar for rent in a hotel 5*. The total area of ​​190 sq.m., The terrace can be added. The premise is located near Khreshchatyk on the ground floor of the hotel, there is a separate entrance, convenient and a large parking lot is next to it. All necessary repairs are going to be rebound by giving free rental months. The design project must be approved by the hotel management. It will be possible to organize small parties in the evenings.
Estimated investment in opening a bar from 750 $/m2


Renting a premise at a Hotel:
• A solid audience;
• The best location;
• Stable traffic of visitors from the hotel;
• Integration of the service according to international standards;
• Support in managing and launching a project;

Restaurant management

Сommon mistakes in Hospitality Business:
After the concept is defined and the location has been chosen. You can make missteps, especially for first-time operators has to do with finances particularly the initial startup or capital investment of the restaurant. Often with first-time owners in particular the total startup cost in relation to the sales potential of the restaurant is often totally out of whack. While a deep discussion of what we refer to as the sales to investment ratio is beyond the scope of this article let me say that in general anticipated sales volume should be at least two times this total startup cost of opening a restaurant in a leased space. For example, if it’s going to cost to open a new restaurant 500 000$ there should be a high level of expectation that the restaurant in this location will be capable of generating annual sales of at least six hundred to seven hundred and fifty thousand dollars.


While there are many variables and additional factors to consider the point we want to make here is that there’s only so much of an investment that it’s prudent to invest in any single location. So, this means that for every dollar of startup investment there should be an expectation of generating at least a dollar twenty to a dollar fifty in sales for the project to make economic sense in a location that is leased.

Find hospitality real estate in Ukraine

However, finding the perfect premise is not all. Prorait is going to assist you and your f&b venue to develop and not standstill. Making every effort so that the opening of the new bar is appreciated not only by the guests but also the co-founders of the project will receive a return on their investments in the shortest possible time. Our team will help with the creation of the concept, inviting the best designer, and controlling the major repair work. Also, with our services: recruiting, training, planning, and organizing the opening will not take up a lot of resources, but rather save your time. Only synchronous work with a commercial real estate agency together with restaurant consulting or a management company can guarantee success in the implementation of a new project. Yes, an idea is the main thing in every undertaking, but without a clear analysis of the location and study of consumer demand, your idea can lead to the loss of tens, and sometimes hundreds of thousands of dollars.


Advantages of renting a Lobby Bar:
• Work only with the alcohol group of goods;
• High margin;
• Fast staff training;
• Easy hospitality management;


Area: 190 sq.m.
Asset: Lobby Bar
Industry: HoReCa.
Offer: Rent.
Annual turnover: 11 million. 800 thousand UAH.
Return on investment: from 18 months.
Average check: 450 UAH.
Profitability: 21%

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