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Sale of commercial premises – Duck’s Lake

Property type: office, shop, restaurant
Location: Lake, business center
Общая площадь: from 320 м2
Business: Rental business
Offer: From the owner
$0 0 0
For Sale
Property ID: №1020

Last office spaces in Duck`s lake: create the success story of your company in a unique space

Office spaces in Duck`s lake are the perfect place for your company. Here you will find everything you need to succeed:

  • Developed infrastructure: Nearby are shops, restaurants, cafes, and a transport hub.
  • Panoramic windows with a view of Duck`s lake: Enjoy the city views while working.
  • Underground and ground parking: Your employees will be able to easily get to the office.
  • Rest zones and catering establishments: Create comfortable working and resting conditions for employees.
  • Synergistic opportunities: Collaborate with top brands that operate in Duck`s lake.

To learn about available layouts and choose a space for your team, simply write or call us.

Commercial real estate cost: upon request

Phone: +38 097 050 52 54

How to work in comfortable conditions on Duck`s Lake

Lucky Offices is a complex of modern offices on the second bank. Here you will find everything you need for comfortable and productive work:

  • Large ground parking for 180 parking spaces and underground for 100
  • 24/7 security, access control system, video surveillance
  • 24/7 management company
  • Spacious and bright rooms equipped with modern engineering solutions
  • First in Ukraine bomb shelters similar to Israeli “mammads”

Bomb shelters are made of reinforced concrete structures and are located on all floors. They are connected by safe staircases for evacuation of people to the street.

Lucky Offices is the perfect place for your company. Here you can focus on work, not on everyday problems.

Is it worth investing in Lviv real estate?

Acquiring commercial real estate in Lviv can be an attractive investment for those looking for a stable income and growth potential. Lviv is a historic city with a developed economy and a growing population. This makes it a popular place for business, which in turn creates demand for commercial real estate.

Here are some of the benefits of acquiring commercial real estate in Lviv:

  • Stable income: Commercial real estate can be a good source of passive income. You can receive rent from tenants, which can help you cover the costs of acquisition and maintenance of the property.
  • Growth potential: Prices for commercial real estate in Lviv tend to increase over time. This means that you can make a profit from selling the property in the future.
  • Diversification opportunities: Commercial real estate is a good way to diversify your investment portfolio. This can help you reduce the risk associated with investing in one asset class.

Of course, there are also some risks associated with acquiring commercial real estate. You should do your research before making any investments to make sure you understand the risks and potential for profit.

Some factors to consider when buying commercial real estate in Lviv:

  • Location: Location is one of the most important factors for commercial real estate. You want to choose a location that is attractive to businesses and has good accessibility.
  • Property type: There are many different types of commercial real estate available in Lviv. You should choose the property type that meets your investment goals.
  • Price: Prices for commercial real estate in Lviv can vary depending on location, property type, and other factors. You should do your research to find property that meets your budget.

If you are considering acquiring commercial real estate in Lviv, it is important to get professional help from an experienced real estate agent. A real estate agent can help you find suitable property and negotiate the purchase.

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