Turnkey Art Club for Rent in Kharkiv. Hospitality Properties in Ukraine

Turnkey Art Club for Rent in Kharkiv. Hospitality Properties in Ukraine

Area: 650 m2
Property type: HoReCa
Infrastructure: M. Pushkinskaya
Operating Business: No
Commission: Agency
$9.000 9.000 362.700
For Rent
Property ID: KH226

Turnkey Art Club for Rent in Kharkiv. Hospitality Properties in Ukraine

Turnkey Art Club in Kharkiv is offered for rent. The premises may well fit a similar format of the establishment. Object area 650 m2. This room is fully equipped with furniture and the necessary equipment for the full operation of a catering enterprise. Dedicated power of electricity: 60 kW. There is a possibility of partial leasing of premises from 200 m2. Additional information for our clients is available upon request. Pay attention to other offers that may interest you. Also, we send exclusive offers in a personalized commercial offer. If you are looking for a commercial space for a catering point: restaurant, bar, coffee shop. Our company will help you solve a number of problems, providing a comprehensive solution in the selection of premises, the opening and management of an enterprise. Find out more about what we have, how, and what we can do for you. Write a letter using the feedback form or call the contact number.

Rent a restaurant in Kharkiv

If you live and run a restaurant in Kyiv, opening a new project in Kharkiv may not be an easy task. The first is, of course, regular monitoring of offers, which can take days of work. Good offers do not remain vacant for a long time. And exclusive projects do not even have time to appear in the public domain and are taken away by local restaurateurs or entrepreneurs. By contacting our agency, you can be sure that a promising proposal will not pass your attention. We are appreciated for our experience in the restaurant industry, which allows us to quickly determine the potential of the location of a premise or an operating restaurant in cases of business purchase. We are waiting for your requests for the selection of turnkey premises. Browse similar restaurant objects in the category: Turnkey Art Club for Rent in Kharkiv.

Who are we and what can we do for you?

Opening a restaurant or expanding a network of establishments consists of a number of important processes. Making a mistake in some processes will definitely lead a restaurant or hotel to its closure. We are professionals in the hotel and restaurant industry who will be able to minimize risks during the opening of a new establishment. Provide strategic and stable development of the project. Optimize and increase the efficiency of the enterprise by reducing costs and increasing the gross turnover. By investing our own financial and intellectual capital in each project, we guarantee the effectiveness of our work. We will be happy to answer the questions, how and what, We can do for your organization to bring it to a new level. We are waiting for your application for consultation.

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