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Commercial real estate broker in Ukraine – СBRE Expandia

СBRE Ukraine – a brokerage company operates in the commercial real estate market. Provides comprehensive investment consulting for local and international clients. On the Ukrainian commercial real estate market, CBRE has been serving its tenants, landlords and investors for 13 years. In addition to the Ukrainian market, the company also operates internationally. Among the main services of the company are the provision of agency services, integrated management of real estate and capital, technical consulting and infrastructure management.

History of the company

As for the history of the company, it began back in 1773 in London, when a company called Richard Ellis was founded. The company provided bankers and businessmen who were somehow connected with finance with consulting services. Over time, the consulting firm has undergone dramatic changes. Over the years, the company changed its name, but its main focus remained financial management and consulting services.

CBRE, which we know today, has been operating in the Ukrainian market for over 20 years. The brokerage company appeared in 1988, when the previous financial company was bought by the American organization REI Ltd and gives it its modern name. At that time, the company’s income already exceeded 1 billion pounds.

CBRE came to Ukraine in 2008 when its office was opened. Today, the country employs over 400 people, including those who work at the facilities that are transferred under the management of CBRE.

Management in Ukraine is carried out by two very experienced professionals in their field – Radomir Turcan, who is the managing partner, and Sergiy Sergienk, who holds a similar position. Both partners have unique consulting experience. For example, Sergienko started his activity back in 1998.

Company Services

The main focus of the company is brokerage services in the commercial real estate market. Real estate experts at CBRE will help you rent office or commercial space and will also quickly be able to sell this type of property in Ukraine. About the values ​​in the company, it can be noted that, first of all, it has principles that it follows. For example, CBRE management believes that the client is always right and listens to his wishes. The services are always tailored to the individual needs of the client. Each client is very valuable, and his trust should be justified by the services of CBRE in Ukraine.

Real estate agency services. In the direction of office, warehouse, retail and hotel real estate, the company has been providing its services for several years. In addition, CBRE operates in the modern Ukrainian land market.

For the commercial real estate market, CBRE Ukraine provides analysis and consulting services. The task of the company’s experts is to make sure that the decision they make will be of maximum benefit to customers.

Market research. CBRE clients can get a full list of commercial solutions for the sale or purchase of commercial real estate in Ukraine. In addition, the company’s experts will provide complete analysis and strategic market research.

Among other things, CBRE Ukraine provides services such as: comprehensive maintenance and operation of commercial real estate, as well as support during the signing of a contract and real estate transactions from the initial to the final stage. CBRE also provides its clients with real estate appraisal and all types of consulting on various transactions.

Latest deals and news

In 2021, CBRE was one of the first in Ukraine to assess the study of the coworking market. In August 2021, the company completed the lease of a retail space for Textile Contact.

If a client wants to rent or buy premises in Ukraine for a store, or a warehouse, the CBRE team of professionals will quickly select the appropriate premises for these purposes.

The company is engaged in commercial real estate such as offices, warehouses, retail outlets.

Tel: +38 044 3900000
Address: st. Velyka Vasylkivska, 100, BC “Toronto-Kiev”, Kiev 03150, Ukraine

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