Top real estate agency in Lviv. Find realtors and realty brokers in Ukraine
Топ агентств нерухомості у Львові. Пошук ріелторів і брокерів в Україні

Top real estate agency in Lviv. Find realtors and realty brokers in Ukraine



Do you want to choose a real estate agency in Lviv for cooperation and are you interested in the real estate market in Lviv? Or you need to find a place to develop your business in Western Ukraine. Then we hope that our selection of real estate agencies in Lviv will be useful for you.


How to buy real estate in Lviv at the best price? This is a very common question for experienced investors. On the second city, there will be an interest of young families to move to live in Lviv or purchase additional real estate as an investment. Lviv is also becoming very popular among foreigners who want to invest in Ukrainian real estate.


The best real estate agencies in Lviv


АН Весь Львів

All Lviv Real Estate

Find your ideal property in Lviv with the All Lviv agency – we have been helping since 2009

Real estate agency “All Lviv” is a professional team of specialists, which since 2009 has been providing comprehensive real estate services in picturesque Lviv. Thanks to our many years of experience and impeccable reputation, we successfully help clients find their ideal home, apartment or plot.

Our services include the purchase, sale, rental of residential and commercial real estate, as well as assessment, legal support and advice on any issues related to real estate. We always take into account the individual needs and desires of our clients in order to provide the most comfortable process of buying, selling or renting real estate.

The Ves Lviv agency employs only highly qualified specialists who constantly improve their skills and monitor changes in legislation and market conditions. We are proud that thanks to our professionalism and responsible approach to work, there are thousands of satisfied customers who recommend us to their friends and acquaintances.

Our experts are highly qualified and have deep knowledge of the real estate market. They are always ready to help you in the shortest possible time to resolve any issues related to buying, selling, renting or investing in real estate.

Our mission is to help our clients realize their dreams of owning a home or a successful real estate business. We understand that each client has their own individual needs, so we provide a personalized approach to take into account all the details of your request.


Real estate agency services in Lviv

Agency “All Lviv” offers various services in the field of housing market and commerce:

  • Purchase and sale of houses, apartments and business premises.
  • Rental of housing, offices and commercial space.
  • Consultations on legal aspects of transactions with real estate.
  • Selection and evaluation of investment objects.

The agency provides a personalized approach to each client and helps to take into account all the details of the request in order to ensure the most comfortable process of buying, selling or renting apartments, houses, land plots or business premises.

For Owners

We offer a comprehensive approach to servicing property owners. We provide professional services for the valuation, sale, rental and management of your property. Thanks to our experience and deep understanding of the market, we provide optimal results for each client.

  • Property valuation
    Our manager will come to the object, inspect it and determine the optimal cost. He will take into account your vision and wishes, explain what factors determine the price and how it can be adjusted.
  • Presentation preparation
    We photograph the object, prepare a video presentation, our specialists make descriptions, and at the shows, agents present the apartment according to the author’s technology, which is many times more effective than a typical show.
  • Advertising campaign
    We use more than 70 advertising channels, including about 55 real estate portals + 3 channels that are a company secret. For comparison, in small agencies there are less than 3-5 of them, and in large networks, on average, 10-12.
  • Legal support
    The real estate agency “All Lviv” has a powerful legal department. The legal direction of the company is one of the key ones. We will help you take into account all the nuances in the contract and collect dozens of certificates and extracts!

For buyers

We offer buyers a reliable and efficient approach to real estate transactions. We help you find the perfect home, apartment or commercial property, tailored to your needs and budget. Our team of experts is always ready to provide professional advice and accompany you at all stages of buying a property.

  • Property selection
    We will help you navigate among the many proposals, we will select a property taking into account all your wishes and possibilities. We have a lot of properties ready for sale in our database.
  • Organization of views
    We will organize negotiations with the owners of the property you have chosen, arrange a viewing at a convenient time for you. You will be accompanied by a personal expert who will help identify the advantages and possible disadvantages of each proposal.
  • Protection of interests
    We check the history of transitions of ownership of the object. We provide full legal support at all stages of the purchase of real estate – from the moment you contact our company to receive a certificate of ownership.
  • Agreement
    We control the preparation of a package of documents necessary to draw up an agreement in compliance with all legal norms. We organize safe and convenient cash settlements, the conclusion of a contract for the sale of real estate.



Tel: +38 (067) 377-94-98



RealBest агенція нерухомості


Real estate agency in Lviv RealBest


Realty “RealBest” provides the following services in the real estate market:

For Tenants

AN “RealBest” is a guide to the best real estate in Lviv! We update our catalog every day! We cooperate with all agencies in Lviv! By contacting us, you will automatically cover the entire real estate market. Trust professionals and you will rent what you need in the shortest possible time, because the most valuable thing is time!

For Buyers

Realty “RealBest” real estate agency in Lviv, focused on results! We will turn the process of buying real estate into an exciting and interesting event for you. You will not waste time, you will know for sure that you are acquiring high-quality, liquid real estate. You will have no doubts about the legitimacy of the transaction. You will know all the nuances!

Property owners

Real Estate agency RealBest are professionals in the fast and high-quality real estate sale in Lviv. We know how to rent your property for a long time, how to make sure that your property does not stand idle. An “RealBest” focuses on the city’s real estate sales market. With our help, you will sell your property at market value in a short time.


Real Estate Consulting services in Ukraine

Employees of the Academy of Sciences “RealBest” are professionals with many years of diverse experience in the field of real estate! We are happy to share it and provide consulting services in such areas.

  • The best option for buying a home and then renting it out.
  • Investment in commercial real estate.
  • Purchase of real estate non-resident. Legal support of the transaction.
  • Renting an apartment to a legal entity and providing registration to the tenant.

For investors who have concluded an exclusive contract for the search for an object, consultation is provided free of charge.


Tel: +380673410874


Агентство нерухомості “Max Estate”

Max Estate Real Estate Agency

Real estate agency in Lviv “Max Estate” is a real estate company that specializes in the following areas of buying / selling real estate:

  • outsourcing of real estate sales services for developers;
  • sale of large objects to investors;
  • purchase and sale of apartments in the secondary market;
  • rent of offices and other commercial premises;
  • accompaniment of foreigners when buying real estate in Ukraine;
  • Land.

Focusing on certain areas of real estate sales allows you to be the best professionals in this area.

All real estate brokers are trained. To do this, we have created our own training school, the Broker Academy, where we teach both our employees and everyone who wants to deal with real estate. Among the teachers are the most successful trainers, coaches, as well as brokers, the best in Lviv.

We are trying to change the attitude towards the broker from a person who is a wall between the buyer and the seller and cares only about his own interest, to a professional who not only receives high commissions, but adds real value to the client, for example, checks the technical condition of the premises, price compliance. market object, etc.

Thus, our goal is the maximum benefit, therefore – MAX estate.

If we failed, then you can personally comment on the work of brokers to the founder and head of the real estate agency Maxim Tkachenko by phone +38 (098) 788-59-99.

We aim not only to become the best real estate agency in Lviv and Ukraine, but also to change the real estate market itself and relations in it.



Tel: +38 (098) 788-59-99.


Do you want to buy a hotel or to open a restaurant in Lviv. To do this, you need to find an attractive hotel property or restaurant space in the city center. Our brokerage company specializes in the search and selection of hotel and restaurant real estate in Ukraine. If you need to buy a hotel or restaurant in Lviv, please leave a request and we will send you an individual selection of commercial properties.


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