Bar for rent in Kharkiv, Commercial real estate in ukraine, hospitality properties

Bar for rent in Kharkiv, Commercial real estate in ukraine, hospitality properties

Area: 110m2
Property Type: Cocktail bar
Infrastructure: City center
Commission: No commission
Open to collaboration: Agencies & Realtors
$1.260 1.260 49.518
For Rent
Property ID: KH202

Modern Bar For Rent in Kharkov

Rent a modern bar in Kharkiv, near the promenade, in a populated and crowded area. The total area of ​​the premise is 110 square meters. m., separate areas for a store, staff rooms, and a small office. The bar capacity is 35 seats. The repair was done in 2016, recently replaced wiring and pipes, increased electricity to 85 kW, installed a more powerful supply, and exhaust ventilation with heating. Renting with furniture and equipment. Get more information by contacting our managers.
Rent and sale of commercial real estate in Kharkiv. Search and selection of premises


Some advantages of the premises:

  • Satisfactory condition of the premise, there is no need to make repairs;
  • All furniture remains a bar, bar stools, high tables, 4 sofas, 7 soft armchairs, etc.;
  • Remains equipment: TVs, sound and light systems, DJ and remote controls;
  • All the bar and kitchen equipment;


Important note:
Many independent owners starting restaurants without finding out what the people in their local market actually want to buy. In other words, instead of being market-driven and determining what type of concept or experience their restaurant should provide they started out focused inward on the menu the products that they preferred to sell, or the type of restaurant that they want to own and operate. So as a result, they begin the process of planning and developing the restaurant based on an idea product, or experience that they are personally passionate about before identifying if it’s something that people actually want. If you can’t articulate who will want what your restaurant will offer and why they want it you will have a serious problem. Now, are there some folks who get lucky? Yes they do but relying on luck is not a winning business strategy especially when you’re putting up tens possibly hundreds of thousands of dollars or more on the line, that’s a recipe for disaster.

Commercial real estate & hospitality Properties for lease

Our team will help you quickly and efficiently execute all the documents and, in addition, we are ready to accompany you until the bar is fully launched. We will build a new team, select a competent manager, setting up all business processes. Taking the new catering institution to a new level, optimize costs, and maximize profitability. Our values ​​are the opening and managing of a restaurant that loves its guests, which means guests love visiting it with their friends and acquaintances, thereby increasing the popularity of the establishment, generating additional revenue. Restaurant management in Kharkiv at the service 24/7, we have no days off, and we don’t need a vacation, we found a job that we love, which means it is our passion. Want to open a bar in Kyiv? Then leave a request and Proriat Real Estate will offer you excellent options.


Advantages of renting a Bar:

  • Super location!
  • Good condition of the premise;
  • Providing management solutions by Proriat Hospitality Partners;


Area: 110 sq.m.

Industry: HoReCa.

Offer: Rent.

Projected turnover: 6 million. 380 thousand UAH.

Return on investment: from 9 months.

Drinks sold: 170 thousand.

Average check: 110 UAH.

Profitability: 20%

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