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Area: 240m2
Property Type: Restaurant
Infrastructure: City center
Commission: No commission
Open to collaboration: Agencies & Realtors
$4.700 3.948 128.310
For Rent
Property ID: KY103

Restaurant for Rent In Kyiv

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Hot offer from Proriat Commercial Real Estate Agency in Kyiv. Italian restaurant on Khreshchatyk street for rent. The total area is 240 sq.m. The front premise, two entrances, an open bar is located in the center, the possibility of placing tables outside just in front of the restaurant and increasing capacity by 50 seats, the place does not require repairs, rents out with all equipment and furniture. The electricity is 75 kW. A new ventilation system with heating has been installed. Trained staff. Established supply chain.


Rent a ready-made business:
• Developed the concept and format of the restaurant;
• Start with a small capital;
• Favorable location;
• Debugged work;
• Well-established supply chain;

Restaurant management

Restaurateur Note:
One thing you must do when considering any location is prepared a reasonable conservative projection of sales volume based on an estimated check average in anticipated daily guest counts. This is a very important exercise to conduct and analyzing any site or location. We provide more detail on this in our business plan resources. Also, cost overruns are common to first-time operators because there are always surprises and surprises always end up costing more money.

This puts many new restaurants in a position of starting out in the hole and only more money than they have and is why undercapitalization is such a big reason many restaurants go under shortly after opening or within their first year they simply run out of cash before the restaurant has a chance to become profitable.

We always recommend first time operators add at least 30% of a contingency to their startup budget for unforeseen start-up expenditures and cost overruns also since many first-timers are unfamiliar with construction details and choosing and working with contractors problems often arise that extend the construction period or cause the project to go over budget.


In addition, Proriat agents are going to not only manage all documents but also ensure a smooth opening, making sure that you are ready to deal with the project yourself. You will receive reliable support in management and operational launch. As soon as you are ready to grow your business in new locations, you can, without being distracted from managing your restaurant, contact us to begin planning to open new projects. It is important to remember that managing a restaurant is requiring daily financial control, without which you jeopardize up to 15% of your revenue. With our support, you can be sure of the correct operation and effectiveness of your business.


Advantages of renting an Italian restaurant:
• Effective business model;
• Italian quality;
• Debugged work;
• Support for the management company;


Area: 240 sq.m.
Asset: Restaurant.
Industry: HoReCa.
Offer: Rent.
Annual turnover: 14 million. 500 thousand UAH.
Average check: 290 UAH.
Profitability: 21%

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