TurnKey Coffee Shop For Rent in Ukraine. Hospitality Real Estate

TurnKey Coffee Shop For Rent in Ukraine. Hospitality Real Estate

Area: 115 м2
Property Type: HoReCa
Infrastructure: Kharkiv, Ukraine
Commission: Negotiated
Collaboration: Agencies & Realtors
$1.695 1.695 68.309
For Rent
Property ID: KH208

TurnKey Coffee Shop For Rent in Ukraine. Hospitality Real Estate

Rent (Off-market) catering establishments and the concept, more precisely, a place for the production of real American donuts in the center of Kharkiv along Sumskaya Street. With a total area of ​​115 m2, powerful three-phase electricity, abundant pedestrian and car traffic, which makes the premises a golden location for the restaurant business. A coffee place that can confidently challenge Starbucks and Costa Coffee thanks to product quality, business process automation, and truly warm hospitality. All details and conditions are available upon request.

What is off-market real estate

Off-market offers are objects that are not publicly available. There may be existing establishments with an offer for sale, rental of a ready-made business, or restaurants, coffee shops, bars, which will be vacated in the near future.


Business and passion under one roof is a powerful weapon against any competition. Our team of baristas will create the best coffee drinks and non-alcoholic cocktails, and pastry chefs will develop donut recipes for which even the most demanding gourmet in the coffee industry and a lover of sweets will want to come.

What is the rental cost?

– First month: selection of premises, development, project management from 19,000 hryvnias per m2.

– Second and subsequent months with a contract, management, and development of the institution for 1 year: 750 hryvnia/m2 (percentage of turnover, is discussed)


To apply for rental of a premise or to make a proposal, send a message to estate@proriat.com


Donuts and Coffee will give you a second wind and great motivation in life so that you can give people new, vivid emotions, and they will reciprocate, making your place one of the most popular establishments in Kharkiv. It’s time to start creating something new, something you dreamed of! If you are interested in the restaurant business or you are already an experienced restaurateur, Proriat Hospitality Partners will be able to find points of mutually beneficial cooperation. We expect your feedback!

Financial part

ROI: 12 months
The amount of investment can be significantly optimized, and the return on investment is accelerated with the help of the chosen simplified Donuts and Coffee model, as well as the taxation system, and the wage bill.


Opening an institution under your own brand is freedom in decision-making and a huge prospect for the future.


You just need to share your vision of the establishment with which you associate yourself, and we will prepare all the necessary information and examples of concepts with the ideal location, implementation timeline, and the amount of investment. And most importantly, we will begin to implement the project by ensuring uninterrupted management, further development, and guarantees of profitability.

Idea and concept

It can take a year to find a good idea. It will take a few months to find the right location for your concept. To form a team charged for the result, a process that lasts throughout the entire activity of the enterprise. Or you can entrust this task to Proriat to a team that will save you from worries. The result of the positive activity of the concept can be determined by 80 percent before starting work on the implementation of the project. By contacting us, you will receive answers to the main questions, how much your restaurant will generate in a certain area, and whether such a format will be able to cover the costly part of the institution’s operating activities.

Self-dedication, passion, hard work, makes us a little different and energizes us for the result every day. Our work is measured by results, not by the amount of time spent at work.

Popular franchises

Sweeter, MyCoffee, Bricks Coffee – coffee shops that can be analyzed to find strengths and use them to create new ideas. Analysis and brand matching will allow you to quickly reach the same level as successful companies. An important component of any successful brand is smooth teamwork. Clear standards and a clear system of staff motivation. Interesting product and correct pricing policy. Originality and innovation will always be in demand in the consumer market. Trends wants and needs change regularly. Therefore, independent projects that I can adapt as quickly as possible will be able to generate the desired profit.


Do you already have your own coffee shop, pastry shop? Want to expand but have limited time to expand? Time does not work for you, I take into account the fact that the average duration of a catering establishment is 5 years. The organizational lifecycle should not be neglected. The developed strategy will allow minimizing the moment of decline in popularity and will help develop the institution on new horizons. It is worth remembering about diversification, since if consumers are actively drinking coffee, then no one knows which drink may be in trend in a year.


Thinking of buying a franchise and want to make the most of your space?
We have studied most of the franchise offerings. We will help you make the right choice. We will determine the potential of the location and the possible risks for you, using calculations and analysis. Thus, we will allow you to see the sides that you did not even know about.

Create your brand

You have your own food production facility and would like to open a flagship establishment to sell your branded products.

– Favorable and promising location
– Brand name free for TM registration
– Developed concept
– Finished project, documentation, estimates
– Assistance in starting and running an enterprise
– Operating standards
– Project development
– We will open and ensure uninterrupted management of the establishment while the popularity of your company grows.

Restaurant management

Your restaurant does not bring the desired profit, but its administration takes up valuable time? Then you will be interested in cooperation in the management of your enterprise. We will conduct a comprehensive analysis of the activities of the institution. We will develop a strategy for optimizing business processes. Let’s find a way to reduce the expense item by increasing traffic and gross profit.


Is it time to open the next establishment in Kyiv? Contact us, and We will provide all the necessary processes for the implementation of the project, while you are busy with your main area of ​​work.

Our team: specialists and professionals who come together to perform complex tasks and contribute to the development of your brand. From initial planning and market research to concept development and detailed action plan. From the selection of premises and measurements to the creation of a design project and repair work. From the creation of the kitchen and bar menu to the meeting of the first guests. From daily management to bring the enterprise to the break-even point with a stable 20% profitability and successful development in new locations.


Information: rental price, property specification, concept, terms of project implementation, consultation,

Tel: +38 097 050 5254 (For messengers)
Email: estate@proriat.com
We create. We manage. We develop!

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