Turnkey Hospitality Business for Rent. HoReCa Premises in Ukraine - Недвижимость

Turnkey Hospitality Business for Rent. HoReCa Premises in Ukraine

Площадь: 100 м2
Тип недвижимости: Общепит
Инфраструктура: Центральные улицы
Комиссия: Обсуждается
Сотрудничество: Готов сотрудничать с риэлторами
$3.000 3.000 120.900
For Rent
Property ID: KH216

Turnkey Hospitality Business for Rent. HoReCa Premises in Ukraine

Yes, this is a turnkey business solution. We have several interesting locations (off-market offers). They are waiting for their confident landlord or a restaurant chain that is ready to implement another successful project and add it to its portfolio. Agencies prefer to mention the phrase “red line”, let’s say that a location with great potential to generate sufficient gross turnover with stable profitability of 21%

The facilities are located in historic buildings that have already had bar and restaurant projects. This point can be taken into account as an advantage, thanks to the significant technical improvements that were made by the previous tenant.

Restaurants for lease

Area: from 100 m2 to 350 m2

Electricity: 35 – 65 kW

Rent price: from 85,000 hryvnia/month, taking into account the implementation of the concept and administrative support of the institution.

Investments: from $550 per m2.

Profitability: 21%

ROI: 12 months.

Conditions for creating a franchise and project development: negotiated

Finding the right premise for a restaurant

Asia Kitchen is a concept that was taken from the real story of our brand chef from Japan. Under his leadership, international projects were opened in Kyiv and Poland. He is a celebrity chef on TV cooking programs in Tokyo.


The format of the institution tells how the desire and love for what you do can lead to success. On the menu, each dish has a little history, teachings, and wisdom, for which guests come to get life motivation. The atmosphere will tell you that life is every day a struggle that makes you stronger. A place where both boys and girls feel like samurai. After the visit, which is charged with energy to reach new heights. People come here to chat with the chef and watch the show while preparing their dishes. Proriat Hospitality Partners’ managers and the chef will work together to create a brand that can be scaled up. We will provide the necessary formation of a commercial proposal for finding partners in other cities.

Property for rent in Kharkiv

You are probably wondering, and you ask why the projects in these premises were closed?

Many people mistakenly believe that if they have an idea that they may have seen somewhere in another city or country, it will definitely work anywhere. Someone will say, everyone has a thousand ideas. Anyone can come up with something. Hell yes! You are absolutely right, and we agree 100 percent, that an idea, a concept, a beautiful design will not do all the magic, providing a profit for the enterprise. Statistics show that 70% of restaurants close in the first year after opening. We do not stop repeating, in order to start implementing our concept, you first need to analyse and study all aspects of each location. And the most basic work begins after opening the doors of your establishment when you need clear daily planning, administration, control, control, control!

Restaurant management

Effective management of the enterprise is the key to achieving the planned financial indicators, by ensuring uninterrupted management. Therefore, even if you have a concept and you showed it to your friends and loved ones who really liked it, it will not guarantee the success of your restaurant.


It should be remembered that 80% can predict the activities of the restaurant and determine whether the project will be profitable enough in relation to gross profit, and at the same time to the amount of investment (ROI).


Therefore, the result of the failure of the previous brand can be caused as an incorrectly selected concept (analysis, must be carried out before starting any work) for a given location, or poor management, and a lack of control (management, the same art and daily work that requires return to their work, uniting the team to achieve corporate goals).

How to find a location for a restaurant?

Bottom line. In order to create something strong, large, and profitable, partners are needed specialists in their field, charged 100 percent for a positive result.


Proriat Hospitality Partners: специалисты и профессионалы, которые объединяются для выполнения сложных задач и привносят свой вклад в развитие вашего бренда. От первичного планирования и изучения рынка до разработки концепции и детального плана действий. От подбора помещения и обмеров до создания дизайн-проекта и ремонтных работ. От создания меню кухни и бара до встречи первых гостей. От ежедневного управления до вывода предприятия в точку безубыточности со стабильной 20% рентабельностью й успішним розвитком на нових локаціях.


Связаться: директ, viber, telegram. 

Тел: +38 097 050 52 54 (для всех мессенджеров)

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