Ukrainian real estate agents cost, how much brokerage fee in Ukraine

The modern pace of life dictates its own rules and it is much easier to order services from a company that is well versed in its business and can fulfill your request quickly and efficiently in a short time. Our agency Proriat Hospitality & Real Estate is one of those. We are always ready to answer all the questions that interest you and provide services in the field of commercial real estate.

Our team is ready to provide a comprehensive solution for the rental, sale, and purchase of commercial premises (coffee shops, cafés, shopping centers, hotels). Our distinctive side of the business is that we are largely focused on launching new restaurants and providing project management services. In addition, our range of services includes:


• advising on the choice of a right premise (this includes the class of real estate, price, prospects, and location);
• expert analysis and audit of the premises;
• search and selection of suitable commercial properties and organizing showings in time convenient for both parties);
• legal support and execution of contracts in accordance with the legislation of Ukraine.

Moreover, we are always open to cooperation with realtors and experts in commercial real estate. If you, like us, value the standards of service delivery and are focused on concluding mutually beneficial deals between landlords and tenants, buyers, and sellers, then we will be glad to work with you.

The method of defining real estate services’ fees is not stable and in each country it is different; in Ukraine, the average percentage of a realtor’s fee, as a rule, does not exceed 6%. Studies have shown that the highest realtor fees are in the capital city of Ukraine. On average, from 2 to 6% of the transaction amount, depending on the location of the premise and its technical characteristics. If to believe the data of the International Association of Realtors, then a slightly smaller commission is taken by realtors in Vinnitsa, Rovno, Nikolaev, Poltava, Kherson, Cherkassy, and Chernivtsi – only 4% of the transaction amount for the sale of real estate. In the case of rent, the standard rate is 50% of the monthly rental cost of the property.

In Ukraine, there is still no single pricing policy regarding the cost of real estate services. This is influenced by many factors: a huge number of companies on the market, volatility in real estate prices, and much more. As a result, now the agents themselves determine the prices for their services, but, at the same time, they take into account the financial situation in the regions and often start from the requests of the clients. That is why it is widespread in the real estate market. But, even considering the very high prices for services, it is still better to pay a fair cost than to conclude a deal with a bad agency and suffer losses in the end.


Very often the agency is asking for a high percentage because its service has a reasonable cost. Typically, a realtor does a lot of work. He always acts for the benefit of his client and leads the entire process from start to finish, which includes the collection of all necessary documents and, preparation of the premise, receiving calls, creating a presentation of the premise, and the conclusion of the contract. A good agent strives to get the best real estate price for his client and to close a quality deal. Among other things, he also selects and displays housing options according to all the criteria specified in the requirements.

By doing this, he significantly saves his time. In the end, the signing of the deal also depends on the realtor, he makes sure that the scammers do not deceive them. In some cases, the realtor can also assist in organizing mutual settlements between the customer and the lessor or seller. From this, you can see that the functions of a realtor are absolutely diverse. It often happens that looking for a buyer, they spend a lot of time and effort. On average, it takes a minimum of 100 hours to find a tenant. The budget to start an advertising campaign for a single property is about starts from 500$ and a quick breakdown of cost is given below.


Each work, including real estate agencies, should be fairly rewarded, especially since everything already listed shows how much work the company performs. Even if the client refuses the deal, he must pay for the losses incurred by the company. It is precisely because such situations can happen that a part must be spelled out in the contract, which states that the client must pay for the work done in accordance with the agency’s tariffs if the contract is terminated.


Depending on the client’s requests, we draw up a plan and agree on the time for which we must find the required real estate options. As a rule, the selection of all premises that fit the client’s description and meet his requirements takes from 2 to 5 weeks. A good agent not only listens to the wishes of the client and respects his opinion, but also takes into account his needs during the conclusion of the contract.


Working with us you get a lot of advantages. Our professionals will immediately clearly and objectively determine the maximum achievable result, we, first of all, focus on the needs of the client, and not on the characteristics of the property. A professional individual approach to meeting the needs of clients in the real estate market is applied by the specialists of our company. Commercial real estate agents at Proriat Hospitality & Real Estate will adequately assess the client’s expectations and implement them as efficiently as possible.

Why is it profitable to work with us and what will we do for the owner of the commercial premises?

We still keep the rates relatively low when compared to other companies. For example, the average budget for preparing an effective presentation of a single commercial property might be: photography from 3000 UAH; video filming (quadcopter) and installation 6500 UAH, preparation of a presentation 2000 UAH, creation of a web page 10000 UAH, payment for promotion in social networks, Google ads from 5500 UAH/month. In addition, calls, consultations, mailing, showings, placement on paid ads on real estate platforms – from 7500 UAH. You could easily check the real cost of listed above by yourself. Yes, It’s possible to enter the market offering the property without even a single image but considering the nowadays competition you can face a lot of difficulties trying to close a deal this way.


As a result, the average starting budget for the first month of promotion of a premise is about $ 1.250, excluding the work of a commercial real estate agent and project manager. At Proriat Hospitality Real Estate we prepare all materials for the sale or rent of premises at our own expense. We invite the necessary specialists: web developers, photographers, videographers, target specialists, marketing managers, and others. We will do all the necessary amount of work in order to find a buyer or tenant as soon as possible to complete the transaction.


How can we be useful for the buyer or tenant? One of the main advantages of the company is our great experience in the restaurant industry and understanding of all the business processes of this field. We know exactly what is needed to implement a successful restaurant and what difficulties a beginner and even an experienced restaurateur usually face. Our goal is the complex implementation of the f&b startup from the idea to the first guests in the new restaurant. Your successful business for us is a confirmation of quality work performed. We believe that we will be able to build mutually beneficial relationships, ensuring the accurate performance of the assigned tasks, and achieving your corporate goals. We look forward to your inquiries.

Information on services for the opening and management of catering establishments can be found on the company’s website

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