How to rent out an apartment quickly and profitably in Ukraine
Как сдать квартиру в аренду быстро и прибыльно

How to rent out an apartment quickly and profitably in Ukraine

How to rent an apartment in Ukraine and get a good profit from it? This question is asked by many, and not only investors, but even ordinary citizens. First of all, renting an apartment or other real estate for rent is a stable passive income. If we estimate the average monthly salary in the country and the income from renting out an apartment, then these amounts will be practically comparable.

How to rent out an apartment

You need to know some features of the market in order to properly rent an apartment and receive monthly income from this. Also, here you need to take into account a couple of points, for example, how is it more profitable to rent an apartment, monthly, or daily, and what will the realtor cost, and will it be profitable in the end?

In order to correctly and profitably rent out an apartment in Ukraine, you need to immediately take into account several nuances, they depend only on you. First of all, and this is logical, you need to find tenants. You need to conclude a lease with these people, because if you agree orally, then you can easily be deceived. If you conclude an agreement for a long term, more than one year, then such a document must be certified by a notary for everything to be legal.

A special point is a certain deposit, which, in case of default, may remain with the lessor or must be returned to the tenant at the end of the contract. The agreement on the pledge and its return must be spelled out separately in the receipt. If everything is done according to the law, then after you have rented out an apartment, you must pay 18% of your earnings to the tax office. In addition, a military tax is currently in force in Ukraine – this is 1.5% of the amount you received from such a transaction.

Daily and long-term rentals

If you rent out an apartment for daily rent, then you are required to provide the apartment with everything you need so that people who rent an apartment for a day, or a couple of days, do not need anything. The list of such requirements includes dishes and furniture that people use every day.

In addition, to accommodate tenants for a couple of days, your apartment should look like a hotel in which the tenant can feel as comfortable as possible. We are not talking about service and all the additional bonuses that the hotel has, but a person must be provided with comfort and appropriate living conditions.

During a long-term lease, you also need to prepare the premises for future tenants. Everything must be removed and cleaned. After all, your future earnings by providing an apartment for rent depend on the comfort of the tenants. But, if you have prepared everything and are sure that your apartment is suitable for tenants, worry about the lease agreement and the relevant documents.

To rent out an apartment for a long time, you need to understand what the residents want. It is necessary to provide them with complete comfort so that they are interested in the continuation of the contract and payment.

In addition, this is not an investment recommendation, but it is necessary to communicate with the landlord very politely, because it is always interesting and pleasant to deal with polite people.

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