Investments in commercial real estate in Ukraine. Hospitality properties
Инвестиции в коммерческую недвижимость

Investments in commercial real estate in Ukraine. Hospitality properties

Investments in commercial real estate in Ukraine can be one of the interesting investment opportunities in Europe. Investing in commercial real estate is a profitable business, thanks to which an investor can significantly increase his assets and receive additional, most often, passive income. Many entrepreneurs invest their funds in commercial real estate, as this is one of the most profitable solutions in operations in the modern real estate market.

What is real estate investment?

Investments in Ukrainian real estate, as well as in the global international market, have long been one of the most profitable investments. Thus, you can not only save your finances, but also increase them.

This kind of investment is an investment of borrowed funds and personal capital in not yet created or already built real estate in order to receive income from it in the future. For example, the most profitable investment in commercial real estate is investment in warehouse and office space. Then they are most often rented out and receive passive income.

Depending on the type of object in which money is invested, real estate investments are divided into four types:

Investments in real estate abroad. Most often this is done when they want to obtain a residence permit in another country.

Investments in commercial real estate. They invest in it in order to make money over time on the lease of warehouses, offices and other types of commercial real estate.

Investing in residential real estate. It is also often rented out after purchase, since it is not very profitable to resell it.

Investments in real estate during the construction phase. This is one of the most popular types of investing in buying real estate from a developer.

But to invest in real estate, it is not enough to have only a certain amount of capital. To do this, you need not have a general idea of ​​investment, but a whole set of different solutions and a strategy. Our consultants and managers have this knowledge, thanks to their experience and many years of market research, they can determine the right vector for the development of investment activities and conduct unique consulting on investments in different types of real estate.

Why invest in real estate?

Investing in real estate is a very useful tool for saving your finances and your assets for the following reasons:

Benefit. As practice shows, the price of real estate practically never decreases, and if it decreases, then it is insignificant and not for a long period.

Possibilities. In particular, if you invest in real estate, then after a certain time it can be used even for your own purposes.

Passive income. This is the most profitable type of income, because there is practically nothing to do, if you do not take into account the maintenance of real estate. But, if you trust a brokerage company to invest in real estate, then all the necessary operations will be done by its specialists.

Real estate investment services in Ukraine:

Our experts will help to assess the market value of commercial real estate and corporate rights to it.

Development of marketing materials. The list of such materials even includes a presentation of real estate, in addition, experts provide accurate figures and forecasts for the long-term development of the project after investing in it. They take into account all the risks and potential benefits, calculating finances and providing their clients with accurate data and perspective.

To create a commercial proposal and attract co-investors, we create a team of real estate experts and marketers. In this team, experts and managers create new strategies, analyze the investment and real estate market, make proposals and show clients all sides of a future transaction in numbers.

Support of transactions and audit. We specialize in the preparation of all the necessary documentation during transactions. Our experts will accompany the purchase of commercial real estate in Ukraine or abroad. If you are looking for investments in commercial real estate in Ukraine, we are here to assist you.

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