Hospitality Real Estate For Rent in Kharkiv, Ukraine. Restaurant Projects

Area: 450 м2
Type: HoReCa
Infrastructure: City center
Commission: Negotiated
Cooperation: Realtors
$8.000 6.720 218.400
For Rent
Property ID: KH218

Hospitality Real Estate in Ukraine. Turnkey restaurant solutions

What institution do you think is not yet opened in Kharkiv and even in Ukraine?

A truly rock’n’roll place in the very center of the city, which is rightfully called the second capital of Ukraine.

Critics will say that such a project is impossible to implement, the premises will not fit, the global crisis is too expensive, and other reasons. And we say that everything is possible! The area allows you to combine even several formats of establishments under one roof. Thus, the concept can be grouped to maximize target audience engagement by distributing rent and investment across multiple participants.

The world is developing not at the expense of critics, but thanks to the search and implementation of new solutions.


At the moment, the location of this premise is one of the best in Kharkiv. Exit to the central square of the Constitution. Street crossroads surrounded by the best restaurant projects: Thoughts in Rumor, Mama Mahaha, Mushly, Macdonalds, and other establishments that have formed a potential audience, lovers of gastronomic culture.

The size of the commercial area

450 m2 in which catering establishments were already located, but they had to leave it due to a decrease in customer interest in their brand. This is a standard situation when a company cannot follow new trends, makes mistakes in the competition, which leads to the closure of the establishment.


A supply and exhaust ventilation system is installed. Bar counter. Glazed kitchen. Panoramic windows.


In general, the object has everything you need to open a RestoBar, the main thing is to choose the right concept and ensure competent management. The premises can also be well suited for a network restaurant project.

Rent from $8000/month. The current rate, renovation holidays, and other conditions are discussed with the owner on the day the object is shown.

For its part, Proriat Hospitality Partners will provide everything necessary to create and implement a new project, making it one of the best places to spend time for Kharkiv residents and guests of the city.


Without using magic, We have taken the success of the popular Hard Rock Café brand as a basis. According to information from open sources, the amount of investment required to open an institution under their brand varies from $2,995,000 to $4,910,000. Also, it will be necessary to pay a lump-sum fee of $350,000- $750,000 plus interest: 7% – 9% of the turnover in the form of royalties. The numbers speak for themselves and motivate them to study this company and create something interesting, and even a better establishment.


Taras Serdyuk, the mastermind behind the Mafia restaurant chain, had the desire to open a Hard Rock Café in Kiev. They applied for a franchise, after which they began to try their cuisine and analyze the business format, but in the end, they came to the decision that they would not implement their concept in Ukraine for a number of reasons, Taras said in one of his videos on the youtube channel – Restaurateur.

Buying a franchise

Buy a franchise or create your own brand and open an independent restaurant? Probably every entrepreneur who wants to open a restaurant asked this question and was looking for an answer. Unfortunately, it will not be possible to unambiguously answer this question. First, you need to understand your goals that you pursue in opening a restaurant. Is there a 100% guarantee that the franchised restaurant will be successful and generate the expected profit? Definitely, No! No company will provide such guarantees. There are a lot of franchising establishments that have closed in Ukraine. Who buys the franchise? Basically, these are people who do not have sufficient experience in the restaurant business, who think that the restaurant will work while they are engaged in their established activities. The second category of investors is experienced restaurateurs who clearly understand that a particular brand will be beneficial to them in a certain location.

The main point and fact that any franchise company will tell you about is the location of the premises, in other words, the location of the future restaurant. The success of a project is 70% dependent on the street, district, city, competition and many other factors that need to be collected and analyzed before opening a restaurant.


Major comparisons:

Franchise – adherence to uniform standards, implementation of a finished product.

  • Recognizable brand.
  • Possibility of analysis of operating establishments
  • Head office support
  • The franchisor does not manage establishments
  • Self-selection and personnel management

Independent restaurant – defining its standards, developing and adapting new proposals.

  • implementation of a creative concept
  • the ability to quickly change the format of the establishment
  • need to independently develop the product
  • scalability potential
  • self-selection and personnel management
  • free assignment of lease or sale of business


In the first and second options, everything will come down to managing your establishment. Effective management can guarantee regular control of service quality, fulfillment of the required sales volume, achievement of corporate goals at a minimal cost. As a result, you get a stable ROI (return on investment) and a return on investment of 25%


Looking premises for rent to start a Restaurant? Interested in other offers of Commercial Real Estate in Kharkiv. Contact the professionals at the Proriat agency.


Proriat Hospitality Partners has prepared 6 options for managing your establishment to help, speed up and improve the work of both an independent restaurant and provide additional support to the franchisor.

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