Restaurants For Rent. Turnkey Business For Sale. Hospitality Real Estate

Restaurants For Rent. Turnkey Business For Sale. Hospitality Real Estate

Area: 700 м2
Type: Hospitality
Infrastructure: Kharkiv, Ukraine
Commission: Negotiated
Cooperation: Agencies & Realtors
$2.890 2.890 116.467
For Rent
Property ID: KH215

Restaurants For Rent. Turnkey Business For Sale. Hospitality Real Estate

Probably one of the best rental deals in Kharkiv. Premises 700 m2 with electricity up to 100 kW. Everything you need to open a Papa Pizza pizzeria. Location on the gastronomic street, among the well-known and popular brands Mafia, Yakitoria, Lviv Chocolate, and other establishments within a radius of 3 km. This makes the place popular in the morning when you need to have a quick bite and a fragrant espresso with tiramisu, lunch for a full lunch, and dinner with a company of colleagues or friends. Papa Pizza is not just a pizzeria that prepares authentic Italian pizza according to the recipe of our Italian chef. But also a place where you can have a glass of red wine with a cheese platter, enjoy live music on weekends, plunge into the Italian atmosphere, to forget about all the problems. Masterclasses from the chef are a weekly program for guests, adults, and not so much. A tasting menu with simple food that can tell the history of Italy, exquisitely prepared with an original presentation. A place where you can not just meet and enjoy the atmosphere, have a delicious dinner or lunch. this is a place of new experience and emotions to which you want to return

Rent terms

The rental price for the first month with opening costs (concept, interior design, renovation, purchase of furniture, equipment, start-up management, enterprise management, and its development) is 25,000 hryvnia/m2 and a percentage of turnover.


The availability of square meters says a lot about a potential tenant. A large-scale project that attracts a strong wolf in the restaurant business with already completed projects. If you are located in another regional center and are looking for premises to develop your brand in Kharkiv. This will be the perfect option for entering a new market with an interesting product.

Property management

Do you have another idea, format, concept, operating brand of the restaurant, started to develop your business or are you looking for other premises for your project?

Let’s discuss how and what we can do for you to start building mutually beneficial cooperation.


Proriat Hospitality Partners understands the amount of initial work that will need to be done, even at the start of negotiations. We will become a reliable partner for you, we will increase your strength in achieving your goal. We will take all the difficulties in the implementation of the concept, from creation to full implementation, with effective management and strategic planning.

Why do you need a restaurant concept

In any restaurant concept, one of the main ingredients for success is food, drink, and atmosphere. Proriat has prepared examples of menus with a chef from Italy that will attract customers to taste the dishes and make them regular guests for a long time.


Italian food has firmly established itself in the top three most popular cuisines in the world. Pizza, pasta, ravioli, sulfur, wine, and much more have long since cemented their interest in the minds of the Ukrainian population.


One center, uniform standards. Working with us, you get a number of benefits. One of which is the responsibility for the conduct of all the activities of the enterprise. There is no need to apply to a design bureau, to create the interior of a room, then to a construction bureau, then to an advertising company, then a recruiting agency, and so on. Thinking about marketing yourself, breaking into several projects, trying to be everywhere and at once. We are here to take the entire scope of work into our own hands, guarantee smooth management, define and execute the financial sales plan, together with the strategic development of the business.

Real estate management services Ukraine

Passion, honesty, hard work, what characterizes us and make us strong. We work to make the enterprise profitable thanks to clear and well-coordinated work.


Our Proriat team – specialists and professionals who come together to perform complex tasks and contribute to the development of your brand. From initial planning and market research to concept development and detailed action plan. From the selection of premises and measurements to the creation of a design project and repair work. From creating a kitchen and bar menu to meeting the first guests. From daily management to bring the enterprise to the break-even point with a stable 20% profitability and successful development in new locations.

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