Find real estate agencies in Dnipro | Top 6 agencies in Dnipro
Лучшие агентства недвижимости Днепра

Find real estate agencies in Dnipro | Top 6 agencies in Dnipro


The service of a realtor or real estate broker has become quite popular in Ukraine. Dnipro is a regional city with its own rules in residential and commercial real estate. To buy real estate in Dnipro, you need to know the local market well. To rent a room for a restaurant, you will need many contacts of the owners, as well as a good database of objects. A real estate agency can easily close your requests for finding, buying, renting real estate in Dnipro.



Top 6 real estate agencies in Dnipro


We have made a small selection of real estate agencies so that you can choose the best for yourself.


Агентство Недвижимости «KVADRATGROUP Realty»

Real Estate Agency “KVADRATGROUP Realty”

Our Main Product – New Build & Resale Properties!


The main direction of KVADRATGROUP realty is the sale of apartments and commercial real estate. Since 2009, we have collected a huge database of buyers and property owners who turn to us again and again for help in resolving their issues. We cooperate with the city’s key developers who build projects of different classes, from budget to premium.

We have built a large partner network, which includes the best notaries, construction repair companies, interior designers, real estate appraisers, marketers.


The company provides the following services in the real estate market of Dnepropetrovsk, Dnepropetrovsk region:

– rental of residential real estate;

– rental of luxury housing;

– purchase and sale of residential real estate;

– information Services;

– property management;

– Assistance in the preparation of documents for residential real estate.


More detailed information about the company, range of services and an extensive catalog of real estate on our website.



Tel: +38 (097) 089 10 10



Агентство "Эксклюзив в недвижимости" в Днепре

Agency “Exclusive in real estate” in the Dnieper



The real estate market is an ocean of opportunity. At the same time, it is full of undercurrents, reefs and shoals, on which it is easy to crash. We are a real estate company built by people for people. Our main task is EXPERT HELP TO CLIENTS IN THE IMPLEMENTATION OF ANY IDEAS RELATED TO REAL ESTATE OBJECTS.


We will become that experienced guide for you, able to guide you on a given course and help you achieve your goal in the best possible way. With the Exclusive in Real Estate team, the path to your dream will be easy, safe, and profitable.


What is the secret of the agency’s sustainability? Why for many years, despite the change in the market and its laws, “Exclusive Real Estate” is firmly on its feet, continuing to grow and develop? It’s simple: our mission is noble. We do everything possible and impossible to ensure that each client has his own, beloved and comfortable home, where he wants to return again and again. Your “sweet home”. The place where the soul lives.



  • Clearly worked out schemes and an unchanging “plan X” if something goes wrong.
  • Huge practical experience, confirmed by real results, expert level of knowledge of each team member.
  • All the necessary contacts and communications, allowing you to quickly and easily carry out transactions in the real estate market.
  • Reliable partners and friends in real estate and related areas.
  • Impeccable reputation, openness, accessibility, ease of communication and interaction.


Every day we take a step forward, make new plans, set strategic goals to achieve more, become even better and stronger. To do this, we regularly undergo training, improve our skills, practice and compete with each other.


Yes, the team members motivation system is built in such a way that we are motivated by the best team members and our personal merits to clients and the agency.


There are no random people among us. Most of Real Estate Exclusive’s colleagues are old-timers and newcomers who breathe down their necks, but are always ready to lend a shoulder. An atmosphere of healthy competition, unity and cohesion for the sake of a common goal reigns here. We are happy to welcome new people into the family to teach and help become market professionals.


If you ask what Exclusive in Real Estate will look like in 10 years, we will answer: the best of the best in the business. Why? Because we practice every day. Napoleon Hill said: Mastery comes only with practice and cannot come from just reading instructions. We have time to read and practice.


Want to test our expertise or just get to know each other over a cup of coffee? Welcome to the real estate agency and the company “EXCLUSIVE IN REAL ESTATE”. See you soon at Liteiny!



Tel: 097 963 9360



AM-Estate Агентство элитной недвижимости

AM-Estate Luxury real estate agency


Our clients are business people who value their time and money, understand the value of investing in real estate and prefer to entrust the solution of complex issues to professionals. Therefore, when dealing with real estate, they turn to us.


We know everything about the real estate market, we know how to do business with partners, we always find an individual solution and offer the best price for our client.


The AM-Estate real estate agency is part of the AM Consulting Group group of companies and has been operating in Ukraine since 2012, providing consulting and mediation services for real estate transactions.


We work with private and commercial real estate of the premium segment and provide full comprehensive transaction support.


Main activities:

  • Luxury houses
  • Commercial real estate
  • New buildings
  • Land



Tel: +38 (098) 118-118-6



Агентство недвижимости Realtor3D

Realtor3D real estate agency

Are you looking for a suitable property in Dnipro? Or do you want to buy / sell / rent housing in a short time, but due to employment and lack of free time, you postpone this event for an indefinite period and the quality of the search is lost?


Then for those who want to buy an apartment, rent a house, rent an apartment, it will be very interesting and advisable to get acquainted with the offer of the Realtor 3D real estate agency, which is engaged in activities aimed at providing services for the selection of real estate in the format of a virtual realtor in the conditions of the Internet portal.


“Realtor 3D” is not only a real estate agency, but also a large-scale Internet resource designed to correct the opinion of modern customers about the real estate market.


What gives the client, for example, renting online housing?


The idea of a virtual visit to a property of interest involves its submission in the form of photographs, a video and a 3D tour of the premises, which allows you to study its features and nuances in detail.


Surely the vast majority will agree with this opinion that it is much more entertaining to watch a minute video with a detailed description of the room and its finishing features than to spend hours looking at dubious quality photos.


A team of professional video operators, photographers and 3D tour editing technicians participate in the development and filming of each object for our portal. Our highly qualified specialists use only modern 3D technologies, which gives a potential client an exhaustive amount of information about the premises remotely.


Thus, thanks to the 3D tour, apartments for rent, houses for rent, apartments for sale, daily rent in Dnipro are carried out virtually, since it is possible to visit several objects of interest at a time and study their layout, repair status, etc. without additional financial costs for moving around the city and its environs, and also significantly saves time and money for paying for the services of a realtor.


Also, our real estate agency stands out among competitors due to the provision of an exclusive service, which includes a commission fee for a complex of services for the purchase / sale of real estate already in the cost of the object itself. We adequately form the price of the object, not artificially overestimating it in order to receive a larger percentage of the commission fee. In addition, selling houses, buying an apartment, non-residential premises is always a very energy-consuming process, because you have to communicate with people of different temperament and character, which threatens to waste emotional potential.


And using the services of a virtual realtor, you can independently in a relaxed atmosphere inspect the apartments of interest at any time convenient for you with a cup of aromatic tea and at the same time not leaving the comfort zone.


So, if you opt for the services of a virtual 3D realtor from the Realtor 3D real estate agency, we guarantee a very outstanding personal tour of a variety of interesting objects in a limited real time and will certainly select the most suitable option for you as soon as possible! “Realtor 3D” is always an exhaustive worthy answer to all your questions in the field of real estate!



Tel: +38 (096) 007 86 69



Инвестор - агентство по недвижимости в Днепре

Investor – real estate agency in Dnipro

The real estate agency “Investor” is one of the leading real estate companies in the city of Dnipro and is a full member of public organizations that unite realtors in the city of Dnipro and Ukraine.


The head of the company was a member of ASNU from 2004 to 2009. From 2009 to the present day, he is a member of the Union of Real Estate Specialists of Ukraine, and is also the president of the city public organization “REAL ESTATE CHAMBER OF DNIPRO”, which is a co-founder of the union of public organizations “REAL ESTATE CHAMBER OF UKRAINE”


Real estate agency “Investor” offers a wide range of services, both for citizens and organizations, in all segments of the real estate market, provides a full range of services for registration of rights to real estate.


But the company chose to work with commercial real estate as the main profile activity, namely: industrial, industrial and warehouse.


Employees of the Academy of Sciences Investor (realtors, appraisers, lawyers) have higher education and additional professional knowledge gained at courses, seminars and events of professional realtor communities. It is also worth remembering that the company has been on the market for 20 years. The education system allows you to constantly improve the skills of employees.


We build interaction with clients on strict observance of the principles of honesty and transparency in the conduct of settlements, information openness, which involves the provision of complete and reliable information about the amount of the transaction and the amount of remuneration that the client pays for the work of the agency.



Tel: (067)652-00-67





For more than 15 years, the Prospekt real estate agency has been solving a full range of issues related to the sale and rental of real estate in the Dnieper (Dnepropetrovsk). We help our clients in the shortest possible time to choose the best and best options, as well as prepare and arrange all the necessary materials for the transaction.


Our opportunities in the field of rental and sale of real estate cover the entire range of objects:

apartments, houses, land plots, commercial real estate, foreign real estate.



10 convincing facts why it makes sense to work with the Prospekt real estate agency

  1. TOP 1. Working since 2002, today the Prospekt real estate agency is the leading real estate agency in the region. We understand the specifics of our region and have sufficient experience and capabilities to implement projects of varying degrees of complexity, working for an impeccable result. We provide up-to-date analytics of the Dnipro (Dnepropetrovsk) market. All of our clients receive enough information to make an informed decision.
  2. Comprehensive support – from the selection of options to the conclusion and legal registration of the transaction. Realtors of the Prospekt real estate agency will help you buy or sell a property in a short time, rent or rent an apartment, house or non-residential premises, and profitably invest in real estate. Quickly and in compliance with all legal subtleties, we help clients choose the right options and draw up all the necessary documents.
  3. Daily updated and the most complete database (more than 30,000 objects) of real estate in Dnipro (Dnipropetrovsk), as well as the system of efficient multi-listing trading ASNU (exchange of options for selling objects throughout Ukraine in 24 regions)
  4. The real estate site provides a convenient form of navigation: it contains a catalog of objects located in the Dnieper and the Dnepropetrovsk region with a detailed description: photo, area, price, characteristics. The search system allows you to choose the property that best meets the criteria that are important to you.
  5. We work with various price objects from economy class to luxury real estate.
  6. Additional services. Assistance in paperwork, legalization of redevelopment and reconstruction, privatization of a land plot, as well as renting both residential and commercial real estate.
  7. Security guarantee. The employees of our agency will help you safely and profitably carry out a transaction for the sale of the selected object. Work is carried out exclusively under the contract. The Prospekt real estate agency provides transaction support (control) services if you, having decided to buy an apartment or buy a house, found the object yourself.
  8. Many years of experience and knowledge of all the subtleties of paperwork will help you save your energy, guarantee the legal transparency of the transaction and protect you from possible pitfalls that are often found in the real estate market. All our employees are constantly trained, improving their professional level and qualifications.
  9. Our company employs specialists who have passed the ASNU certification courses and received a certificate from the State Foundation. Property and Association of Real Estate Specialists of Ukraine – “Operations with real estate objects on the territory of Ukraine”. You can be sure that the transaction will be carried out in accordance with Ukrainian legislation, accompanied by highly qualified lawyers, in the optimal time and at a favorable price!
  10. Individual approach. Our clients appreciate the result and professionalism, so we offer the best and best options from those currently presented on the real estate market in our region, providing a high level of privacy and individual solutions for everyone.

80% of the agency’s clients come on the recommendations of friends, acquaintances and relatives.


The effectiveness and efficiency of our work is supported by numerous reviews of grateful customers.



Life in our city is always in full swing. Being in the heart of political and business events – the city of Dnipro (Dnipropetrovsk), we understand the specifics of our region and have sufficient experience to implement various requests: buy or sell real estate, rent out a house or office, etc.

Real estate transactions today remain one of the priority areas of activity in the Dnieper. There is a growing demand for office rentals, the purchase of buildings and premises, both for residential and commercial use.

Prospekt has been the largest real estate agency in our beautiful city for over 17 years. Occupying a leading position in the real estate market in Dnipro and the Dnipropetrovsk region, our agency enjoys an impeccable reputation, providing comprehensive services for the purchase and sale of apartments in new buildings, on the secondary market, as well as offices, administrative buildings and industrial facilities.


The real estate database of our agency is the most extensive and updated daily – more than 30,000 units of residential and commercial real estate, luxury real estate, apartments and houses, land plots.


Our clients get the opportunity to buy residential, suburban or commercial real estate in the Dnieper or the Dnipropetrovsk region on favorable terms and in the best possible time.


The Prospekt real estate agency acts as a guarantor of the quality and safety of the process of buying / selling real estate, protecting the interests of its clients and ensuring the legitimacy of the transaction.


We are happy to work for the benefit of our clients and with love for our native Dnieper!



Tel: +38(056)778-58-33


How to choose a real estate agency in Dnipro?


If you are seriously thinking about buying commercial or residential real estate in Dnipro, then you need to choose a reliable and professional broker for your tasks. We recommend that you make some calls to real estate agencies yourself to determine if the realtors can handle your project. Pay attention to the range of services that companies provide, the budget for an advertising campaign, the presentability of realtors and their professional qualities. Real estate in Ukraine is a rather underestimated investment tool. We see a huge potential in buying real estate in Dnipro, so we believe that this selection of the best real estate agencies in Dnipro will be useful to you on your way to finding a reliable partner.


Our services


👉 Management of hotel and restaurant enterprises

👉 Development of franchise projects

👉 Hotel and restaurant real estate

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