How to Start a Real Estate Business. Step-by-Step Guide

Although for several years in a row the opinion has been circulating that a real estate agency is a way of making easy money and it is very easy to open it, it is not so. Undoubtedly, there are advantages and disadvantages, as, for example, in your business, you can take into account all the mistakes and failures of predecessors and avoid them, but there are still nuances and you need to remember about them. Before starting any project, not only for real estate, it is worthwhile to thoroughly study everything. It is necessary to very carefully delve into the business specifics and understand them. In this case, market analysis and assessment of prospects will help. It is worth figuring out what exactly you want to do – renting, buying, and selling houses, or commercial premises. Or maybe you are willing to do all the above? You should roughly decide for yourself in which area you want to open your agency, how you can get clients’ trust and positive reviews.


Your further success will depend on this. However, it is extremely difficult to cope with this without experience, so our team is always ready to help you. You will receive reliable support from Proriat Hospitality Real Estate. For several years in the market, we have been helping with the search for commercial premises and opening successful restaurants that are very popular and in demand. Our goal is quality and professionalism. Together we will not only choose the best premises but also arrange all the necessary paperwork and tell you about all the intricacies of doing business.

The pros of running a real estate agency business:

  • Low financial investment;
  • Service demand;
  • good commissions.

After a complete analysis of the market and goal setting, you can proceed to the selection of premises for the agency. An office is best suited for this. The advantage will be an area with good traffic, where it is always crowded because these are your potential customers. In addition, your office should be located on the first floor, and there should be parking spaces nearby. It must be possible to place the logo and the name next to it on the facade of the building. A big advantage will be the ability to place advertisements on the windows so that passers-by can notice. They should contain photographs of real estate with the characteristics and advantages of the premises. It is better not to indicate their price.


The name also plays a significant role. It should be short but contain all the necessary information. It is the name that clients, first of all, pay attention to, so it should be such that they will remember it and want to come and make sure that you will help them. Later you need to patent it so that there will be no problems in the future


Staff – 80% of your success. High-quality professionals in the field are hard work that requires a lot of time and effort. Your task is to interest professionals or those who can then be made the best of the best. You need to pay attention to the person’s attitude to work and his character, and our team is ready to help you even with this. We have many years of experience in recruiting staff for a wide variety of establishments, so we know exactly what a real professional should be.


For optimal performance, an agency needs an accountant, lawyer, human resources specialist, and, of course, commercial real estate agents. But you can think about them after the agency is on its feet. A good realtor should be open, polite, and know his business. He needs to easily find mutual understanding with all types of clients, be able to get out of unpleasant situations and be able to persuade that the options that he demonstrates for the client suit him perfectly.


The next important step is advertising. Now the client has become very demanding, and many have already been using the services of a personal real estate agency or realtor for several years, so we are faced with the task of attracting his attention. Advertising, in this case, plays a very important role, and it will help spread information about you. Advertising will hook potential buyers. An important point will be the creation of the company’s website and its promotion. Of course, you need to post information about yourself on real estate forums, specialized sites, and social networks. If you believe the statistics, then in most cases it is through the Internet that people learn about the company. Your agency definitely cannot do without advertising, because the client must get to know you and choose from dozens of competitors. Therefore, a sufficiently high-quality and information-rich website is required. It is imperative to carefully consider the advertising strategy of the new real estate agency.


The next important aspect is the renovation, purchase of the necessary furniture and equipment. Everything should correspond to the level and be on top. This is one of your biggest investments, but putting together a quality business plan that we recommend you follow will save you a lot of money. In order for your company to work well and harmoniously and function normally, you yourself need to use your intelligence wisely. Real estate agency, as we are used to seeing it, implies that the main task of the managing director is to create and implement a marketing strategy and train recruited staff. It’s easier to do this now. Our team will help you with all these aspects.

          Proriat Hospitality Real Estate will help you open a zero-based business, together we can open a quality agency, and you will get the first profit in the shortest possible time.

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