HoReCa Properties For Rent In Ukraine. Investing in Ukrainian Real Estate - Аренда и продажа

HoReCa Properties For Rent In Ukraine. Investing in Ukrainian Real Estate

Area: 254 м2
Property Type: HoReCa
Infrastructure: Kharkiv, Ukraine
Commission: Negotiated
Collaboration: Agencies & Realtors
$5.350 4.494 146.055
For Rent
Property ID: KH211

HoReCa Properties For Rent In Ukraine. Investing in Ukrainian Real Estate

Are you looking for premises for your bar for a long time? One of the best offers in a developed area of Kharkiv, surrounded by conceptual restaurants and nearby universities, shops, administrative centers, which has long made the street a popular place for gastronomic meetings.

Property sale

  • Sale, concept development, project management: $1550/m2
  • The semi-basement room is more suitable for the implementation of the Bar project.
  • Area: 254 m2
  • Electricity: 100 kW
  • Nice layout for the kitchen. There is a low-temperature room for storing large quantities of frozen food.


Rent price and contract for 1 year of management: 150,000 hryvnias per month.


A video review and the current price can be requested from our managers.

Would you like to make a proposal? Send your offer to us by mail.

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Proriat Hospitality Partners will provide the necessary information to make the right decision. We organize and coordinate the entire process of opening a new establishment with the provision of administrative or operational management.

Location is an important element of the bar

A place for young and active, not indifferent, and those who improve, making this city unique. At the bar, they meet to share their creative ideas, present a new architectural concept, a recently painted painting, photographs that can tell a thousand words of a story, or a completed design of a room. Here I would like to organize a small showroom to receive guests and realize my work. The atmosphere in the institution attracts creative and talented individuals who value quality rest to the original rhythm of the music. Virtuoso bartenders are ready to surprise and challenge even the most demanding gourmet of the cocktail industry. A collection of wines will be able to delight the beautiful floor with a glass of red or white from the most exotic wine-growing regions. Spanish canapes, along with Japanese rolls and an American burger, will ensure that your time is not only fun but also satisfying.       

Bar projects

Tvoi Bar project is an ideal option for starting a restaurant business. It should be noted that the amount of investment is significantly less compared to opening a restaurant, where it is necessary to invest significant amounts in launching a full-fledged kitchen.


Why do huge budgets for restaurant marketing often fail to bring the desired results? Often beginners or even experienced restaurateurs think that if they invest not a small amount in advertising, they can get good revenue (gross profit). At the same time, another mistake can be made when prices are set lower than those of all competitors. Worse, when the costs of marketing, logistics services, selection of talented employees, and their training are not included. In the current economic climate, with major restaurant brands continuing to invest huge amounts of money in advertising, you will simply be hard to spot. It doesn’t matter how much better and better your offer is. You need a competent approach, control, and strategic planning before starting a company to attract customers or increase your brand awareness.

Bars concept

Speakeasy or Social bar concepts are popular with young people. They are also called millennials (the generation of people born from 1982 to 1996). This category of the population has a great interest in restaurants and bars. They are looking for new sensations, trying new things, experimenting, and, accordingly, they tend to more purchases and pay bills.


You can contact Proriat Hospitality Partners, we will develop and present the concept. Helping you implement your idea. Finding and selecting the right premises.


Our team at your services. From initial planning and market research to concept development and detailed action plan. From the selection of premises and measurements to the creation of a design project and repair work. From creating a kitchen and bar menu to meeting the first guests. From daily management to bring the enterprise to the break-even point with a stable 20% profitability and successful development in new locations.


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