Residence Legend in Zaporozhye. Buying apartments from the Developer
ЖК Легенда в Запорожье

Residence Legend in Zaporozhye. Buying apartments from the Developer

Is it worth buying real estate from a developer in Ukraine? How can an agency help you close the deal? Every investor who plans to invest in commercial real estate asks this question. Of course, many consider real estate agencies to be intermediaries in the execution of transactions. But we think that not everyone knows how to work with brokers so that it is beneficial for you.

Residence “Legend” is a residential complex in Zaporozhye, in the Voznesenovsky district. The developer is R1 Group, which plans to build five houses within this complex. Four of them are already under construction, and one is only at the initial stage of development. You can buy real estate in the Legend residential complex today, when the houses are still under construction and development.

Information about the Residence “Legend” in Zaporozhye

This residential complex is located practically in the center of the city, not far from Shevchenko Boulevard and City Embankment. Through the windows of a large part of the apartment from this residential complex, a beautiful panorama of the Dnieper River will open. Each house will have a large enough lobby with dedicated storage space for bicycles and prams.

Also, the project of the future residential complex provides for parking spaces for cars, sports grounds for children and adults with soft surfaces, lounge areas for recreation, and also grounds for volleyball, football and basketball.

Infrastructure of the residential complex “Legend”

You can already buy commercial real estate in the Legend residential complex today, it will be a profitable investment also because the complex has a well-developed infrastructure network and is located in close proximity to important roads and highways. For groceries, you can go on foot to the Brusnichka supermarket, the butcher shop of the Saltovsky meat-packing plant, the Kharchi and Naberezhny grocery stores, and within 5-8 minutes drive there is the Ukrainochka grocery store, the Auchan hypermarket, and the Silpo supermarkets. , “ATB” and Varus.

Near new buildings there are secondary and private schools, as well as kindergartens. You need to walk about 13 minutes and you will find yourself in the gym, near which there is also a fitness center. The 6th city clinical hospital, the regional infectious diseases hospital, the city hospital No. 10 and the children’s polyclinic No. 2 are nearby.

Features and benefits of Residence “Legend”

Everyone can choose an apartment with different layouts, 12 variants of various layouts are available for you, which is why if you decide to buy an apartment in the Legend RC, you can choose the most suitable option for yourself. Considering that today houses are still at the initial stage of construction, you can take this opportunity and invest in real estate construction.

Plastic windows and unique double-glazed windows provide excellent insulation in the premises. There are also baskets for air conditioners so that they do not look chaotic on the facade of the house. A round-the-clock security system is provided, as well as the concept of “home without a car”. A special parking lot will be open for cars. Among other things, the LCD will have a concierge system, as well as a special security system.

If you want to understand everything and find out the details of transactions, as well as take or rent out real estate, then our specialists will be able to help you.

According to the forecasts of many financial analysts, commercial real estate will be the leader in profitable investments in order to generate passive income. We focused on buying commercial real estate from the Developer, as we consider this to be one of the most promising instruments in 2022. We, as a management company in the commercial real estate market, help our clients to increase the property’s profit through effective management. Our experts in commercial real estate will be able to find profitable premises for a restaurant in a new residential complex in Zaporozhye.

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