Residence Vesna in Zaporozhye. Commercial real estate from the developer
ЖК «Весна» в Запорожье

Residence Vesna in Zaporozhye. Commercial real estate from the developer

Are you an investor looking for a great commercial real estate deal? Or are you interested in finding a room in a residential complex under a cafe? In our company, we offer a wide range of services, both for the purchase of commercial and residential real estate from the Developer.

Our experts and brokers will help you find a good location for your business. We know how important the location of the property is if you are planning to open a restaurant. Renting a space for a cafe in a new residential complex, this can be one of the most profitable solutions for the development of your enterprise or the opening of a new project.

Residential complex “Vesna” is a residential complex in the Kommunarsky district of the city of Zaporozhye. At this stage, it is planned to build two rather large objects, the first is being built now, and the second is only at the development stage. The construction of the first facility is planned by the end of 2022. Anyone can buy real estate in the “Vesna” residential complex today, after placing an order. The developer is R1 Group.

Information about the residential complex “Vesna”

This residential complex is represented by five nine-storey buildings, which are built in a comfort class format. The exterior of the buildings and the territory reflects the “spring” mood of the complex – the facades will be decorated in colorful colors, and the courtyards will be landscaped and equipped with landscaping. As part of improving security, round-the-clock video surveillance and access control are provided – future residents do not have to worry about their privacy and safety of property.

Inside the residential complex there are a large number of different locations, for example, there is a wonderful playground for children, as well as a football field and a sports ground for adults. A huge plus of the complex is that there will be no cars inside the courtyard, since the developer R1 Group decided that there should not be any vehicles in the courtyard. A special covered parking has been built for it, which can accommodate all the cars of residents and guests of the residential complex. In addition to residential, you can buy commercial real estate in the “Vesna” residential complex.

Infrastructure of residential complex “Vesna”

If you want to invest in construction and real estate, then the “Vesna” residential complex will be an excellent option for you also because it has a good location, and there is a well-developed infrastructure around.

The city center can be reached without bridges and fairly quickly. The road to the center by car will take no more than 15 minutes. You can also get there by public transport – buses №18 and №29, trolleybus №3, route taxis №20, №37, №61, №62, №74, №75, №81 and №99 pass by. A few minutes by car – and you will reach the Zaporozhye-1 railway station.

Less than one kilometer from the residential complex there are several educational institutions, schools and gymnasiums at once. In addition, you can have a good time, relax and just take a walk in the park “Dubovy Gai”, which is very close to the residential complex.

Features and benefits of residential complex “Vesna”

In addition to buying an apartment, you can also rent real estate in the “Vesna” residential complex, because this complex has premises that are intended for an office, shop, or other commercial real estate. The main advantages of this residential complex include ergonomic planning of premises, for example, a spacious kitchen, dressing room and fairly large built-in wardrobes.

The premises will have a security system, as well as video surveillance systems, and there is already an Internet connection. There are two silent elevators for the convenience of visitors and residents of the house. Each apartment has an individual heating system.

If you want to invest in real estate of the Vesna residential complex in Zaporozhye, you can contact us and we will try to help you figure it out.

Buying real estate from a developer is a promising investment of capital in square meters, which can generate passive income at the level of up to 15% per annum. Currently, no bank can offer you similar conditions for a deposit.

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