Residential Complex Central in Zaporozhye. Buying real estate in Ukraine
ЖК Централ в Запорожье

Residential Complex Central in Zaporozhye. Buying real estate in Ukraine

In which residential complex in Zaporozhye to buy an apartment? Is it worth investing in commercial real estate in New building? Today our guest will be one of the most popular projects that deserves your attention.

Residential complex Central in Zaporozhye is a fairly large residential complex, which should soon be built in Zaporozhye in the Voznesenovsky district of the city. This complex is a project of the construction company GEOS. The first phase of the new buildings of the complex is under construction, and over time it is planned to build two more houses. The first two will be commissioned at the end of 2022. But, if you decide to buy real estate in residential complex Central in Zaporozhye, then you can contact the developer right now, or contact us for additional information.

Information about the residential complex “Central”

This residential complex is located near the embankment of the Dnieper River, opposite the famous island of Khortytsya. The future houses will have a beautiful view from the windows. On the one hand, you can look at the Dnieper River, and on the other side of the houses, you can admire the evening lights of Zaporozhye.

In addition to residential premises, in the future complex on the ground floors there will also be commercial real estate, which is intended for offices, warehouses and shops. That is why you can already buy commercial real estate in the RC “Central” (RC Central), which you can then lease out and receive passive income.

Infrastructure of Residential complex Central in Zaporozhye

The name of the residential complex completely coincides with the location of the residential complex, because it is located practically in the center of the city. There are a large number of shops, supermarkets, educational institutions, restaurants and gyms nearby.

A children’s center will be opened on the commercial floor for young residents of the Central Residential Complex. Near the new building there are also children’s institutions of the district: 13 minutes walk to the kindergarten “Bear”, 10 minutes to the kindergarten with a nursery number 281, kindergarten №145 and №146, 17 minutes to the kindergarten “Sparrow”. School No. 72, Gymnasium No. 71, Gymnasium No. 27 “Intellect” and Gymnasium “Contact” are waiting for new students.

If you drive by car for a couple of minutes, you can quickly reach the hospital and cardiology center. After construction, a fitness center for adults and children will be opened on the territory of the complex. Because of all these advantages, you should invest in buying an apartment in Residential complex “Central”.

Features and benefits of a new building

This residential complex has many advantages. For example, during construction, they came up with a unique planning, thanks to which the apartments will have large and spacious kitchens, and the living area will be optimally distributed, and all rooms will be proportional.

If you decide to rent out real estate in the Residential complex “Central”, then you will have many clients who want to conclude such an agreement with you. Indeed, among other advantages in this residential complex there is also a convenient and large parking for cars, and the house is also very close to the city beach, and close to two parks where you can have fun and enjoyable time.

If your choice has settled on residential complex Central in Zaporozhye and you want to invest in construction and real estate, then our brokerage company, which specializes in commercial real estate in Zaporozhye, will provide a profitable conclusion of the transaction.

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