Residential Complex Kvartal in Zaporozhye. Buy and Invest in Real Estate
ЖК Квартал в Запорожье. Купить и Инвестировать в Недвижимость

Residential Complex Kvartal in Zaporozhye. Buy and Invest in Real Estate

You are looking for an opportunity to profitably invest money in the purchase of commercial premises or apartments in Zaporozhye. There are many offers on the primary real estate market, but will they all bring the desired income, if your goal is to rent out premises? Let’s get acquainted with the residential complex Kvartal in Zaporozhye.

Residential complex “Kvartal” is a modern residential complex in Zaporozhye, which is located in the Voznesensky district. The construction is carried out by the Sensar company. This is a modern complex, opening and commissioning is planned for the 4th quarter of 2022. That is why today you can invest in the construction of the residential complex “Kvartal” in order to increase your capital in the future and rent out apartments in the residential complex.

Information about the residential complex “Kvartal” in Zaporozhye

Residential complex “Kvartal” is located practically in the very center of the city of Zaporozhye. The residential complex has not only two and three-room apartments, but even penthouses, but also commercial real estate, in which you can open your own store or cafe, or use it as an office space.

This is an eleven-storey building, which is located near the Dnieper River, opposite the famous island of Khortytsya. If you look out the window from this residential complex, you can see a beautiful sunset over the largest island on the Dnieper, and from the other side you can see the lights of the evening city.

The house has not yet been commissioned, but in the future, architects and engineers plan to place a huge landscape park in the courtyard, and commercial facilities will be located on the ground floors.

Infrastructure of residential complex “Kvartal”

Due to the favorable location and excellent infrastructure, investing in the purchase of real estate in the residential complex “Kvartal” in Zaporozhye is very profitable and can bring significant income in the future.

The area of ​​the new building has all the necessary infrastructure facilities: shops, coffee shops, restaurants, bank branches, shopping centers, educational and medical institutions. The complex will also have its own infrastructure: the two lower floors of the house will be allocated for commercial objects.

On foot, you can reach any object of interest in just a couple of minutes, for example, in 10 minutes you can walk to a supermarket, a gym, you can reach a kindergarten or school.

Complete set and features of the residential complex “Kvartal”

The walls of the residential complex are insulated with special materials that will keep warm inside the premises even in the coldest winter. There are panoramic glazing of windows and loggias, glass entrances to commercial premises. Installed individual boilers in each apartment and in commercial premises for heating. The entire area will be closed and accessible only to residents and owners of commercial real estate in the complex.

An extensive parking lot will be built, which can accommodate up to 100 cars. It is because of these advantages that it is worth buying an apartment in the residential complex “Kvartal”.

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