Ukrainian Restaurateurs. Dima Borisov. Gastrofamily. Borisov Academy

Ukrainian Restaurateurs. Dima Borisov. Gastrofamily. Borisov Academy

To open a restaurant in Kyiv for a local entrepreneur and Ukrainian restaurateur Dima Borisov the founder of Gastrofamily and Borisov Academy is a very frequent desire and goal. Of course, the capital city of Ukraine attracts a huge number of businessmen, tourists, labor resources from all regions of the country. The city is home to about 4 million people, and more than 5 million visits each year, both foreigners and Ukrainians from other cities, which makes the capital city an ideal platform for the implementation of a new concept.

        In this short article, we (Proriat Hospitality Partners & Hospitality Real Estate) would like to describe tell, share thoughts about the work and projects of one of the popular Ukrainian restaurateur, Dima Borisov. Many have heard about him from YouTube or visited his restaurants or are even regular guests of his venues. Dima not only shares information about his projects that he unites into one family, but also talks about running and managing a business, and offers to partner with by selling franchises of his concepts.


      Dima Borisov is a brand chef, restaurateur, good marketer, and founder of the Dima Borisov Family of Restaurants, a person with whom the restaurant business in Kyiv is associated. He has developed more than one successful concept and opened several franchised establishments in Kharkiv, Odesa, Lviv, and other cities …

      Probably its most famous formats are Mushlay, White Naliv, which serves oysters in huge quantities and pouring cider. Dima is an adherent of Ukrainian cuisine and strives to support local food and beverage producers in his restaurants.

Rent cost

      I would like to mention that at one of the restaurant forums Dima said that renting a restaurant in Kyiv is the same as in London, but we cannot set prices at the European level due to the low purchasing power of the population. Our team, which has international experience in managing hotels and restaurants, cannot but agree that commercial real estate in Kyiv is at a high price level, and the necessary investments in open restaurants will be similar to the opening of the same establishment in Paris.

        It is necessary to find a mutually beneficial balance with the landlord and provide objective information on the operation of the establishment in order to agree on a rate of 10% of gross turnover, as payment for rent, says Kyryll Ushakov, managing partner at Proriat Real Estate.

Human resources

        Repeatedly many Ukrainian restaurateurs talk about such a problem as the lack of qualified personnel, but at the same time, not many of them are looking for an opportunity to unite with the management company in order to double their positions and get additional intellectual resources in partnership terms.

How many restaurants are currently in Family of Restaurants?

        The list is certainly not small. Let’s start with the Chicken Kyiv Restaurant and the secret Check-in Kyiv bar, Kanapka-bar, €1 bar “White Naliv, BPSh (Bilyashi. Donuts. Shawarma), €1 bar Dogz & Burgerz and others. The entire list can be found on the official website of Dima Borisov.

How long does it take to create a concept?

        From Dima’s video, where he talks about his projects and the timing of their implementation, you can hear 1 year and 2 years. It is necessary to work out many nuances to find the right premises or investor partner for the project. Any idea needs funding, says a marketing manager at Proriat Hospitality Partners. Although the creative department notes that good ideas can be placed on the shelves of management companies for a long time, waiting for the moment and the right place for its implementation.

        There are also many negative opinions about the work of Dima’s restaurants, for example, from customers you can hear, that the food does not meet their expectation. The key competitors say the fact that the formats of 1 euro strongly dump prices in other restaurants, thereby making them less popular. Media sources reported that Dima offers the owners of the premises a large rental rate, but at the moment no one has provided evidence or 100% confirmed information of such actions.
        It should be understood that there are standard business processes and struggle in any other area, so contact our commercial real estate agency Proriat Real Estate, we will find and select for you the best rental deals in Kyiv.

What to expect from GastroFamily in the near future?

        Like any company, a large restaurant chain sooner or later faces the moment when it is necessary to delegate project management or start cooperation with experts who have similar goals and vision of the gastronomic business. Professionals in the restaurant industry are motivated to creating new growth opportunities and expanding market share, thereby making a tangible contribution to achieving corporate goals.

        In the current economic situation, restaurant chains, a restaurateur, or an aspiring entrepreneur who has decided to open his own restaurant needs to think as much as possible about partnerships with Ukrainian restaurateurs, suppliers, landlords, and a management company. The latter will ensure the management of the enterprise and lobby for the interests of the organization. It should be remembered that the average duration of a restaurant’s operation is 5 years. During this time, you need to return the investment and get the desired profit. Each establishment has sides that can be optimized or have the potential to scale the business.

        Proriat is your partner to search for commercial premises, restaurant concept development, and project management.

Why should you work or collaborate with us?

        One of the company’s goals is to fill the space between the franchisor and the franchise. This is a form of cooperation in which the franchisor can be assured that all brand standards are observed and the opening of a new establishment under the full control of a professional team that is interested in the development of a network of restaurants. An investor or Ukrainian restaurateurs who do not want to participate in day-to-day operations hands over control to the management company, and in return receives effective results from his assets along with the expected return on investment.

            Our team at Proriat is ready to tackle challenging tasks, search and generate ideas to create profitable solutions that provide stable profit and up to 20% ROI (return on investment).

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