Residential Complex Borodino in Zaporozhye. Real Estate for sale in Ukraine
ЖК Бородино

Residential Complex Borodino in Zaporozhye. Real Estate for sale in Ukraine

Are you planning to buy real estate in Zaporozhye? Then this information will be useful to you. In our small reviews, we introduce you to new buildings in Zaporozhye and other cities of Ukraine. If you are looking for an opportunity to invest in commercial real estate for rent, we are the agency that will become your reliable partner in the efficient management of your asset.

Residential complex “Borodino” is a huge modern residential complex, which consists of three separate buildings. The complex is located in the Dneprovsky district of the city of Zaporozhye, the developer is Arsenal Reserve. The whole complex consists of 11 houses, which have both residential apartments and commercial real estate. All Square meters are offered for sale as well as investment.

Information about the residential complex “Borodino”

The height of each house is 4-6 floors. This is a modern complex, which is equipped with all types and modern systems of fire safety, alarm, video surveillance and territory protection. That is why, if you decide to buy real estate in the residential complex “Borodino”, then over time you will be able to make money on this, for example, by renting out this property.

This complex is very well suited for those who do not want to live in high-rise buildings, but want their apartment to be located close to the center of a big city, for example, so that it would be possible to quickly and conveniently get to work. Buying an apartment in the residential complex “Borodino” from a developer means getting a guarantee of comfortable living in a modern new building with parking, playgrounds and cozy recreation areas. Residents will certainly be pleased that a 24-hour store and a pharmacy will open on the territory of the residential complex, as well as a fitness center.

Infrastructure of residential complex “Borodino”

The complex was built in the Dnieper region and close to it are all the establishments necessary for normal living, for example, shops, fitness centers, gyms, supermarkets, cafes, restaurants, schools and other educational institutions.

That is why, if you decide to invest in the construction of a residential complex, then you can hope that in the future you will be able to make good money on this. After all, a good location and well-developed infrastructure will attract many people who want to rent your property, or buy it out.

Features and benefits of residential complex “Borodino”

As in most modern residential complexes, in the residential complex “Borodino” all apartments are equipped with meters that show the amount of water, gas and light used. Counters are already installed. Also, the apartments are equipped with energy-saving double-glazed windows, as well as gas boilers for heating.

The developer installs high-quality entrance metal doors. Further management and operation of the residential complex “Borodino” is carried out by condominiums, therefore all issues related to modernization, renovation and improvement of life in the new building are taken together. If you want to buy commercial real estate in the residential complex “Borodino”, then you should hurry up, because the stage of sales has already begun, and over time the price of apartments and other real estate may rise.

In addition, if you have any questions regarding real estate sales, or purchases, then you can contact us so that our specialists will help you in all matters of interest.

For investors, we always recommend that you familiarize yourself with at least five Residential complexes in order to understand where it is better to invest capital to generate passive income. Of course, buying a residential property from a developer is a good opportunity to increase capitalization after the house is put into operation.

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